26 Marijuana Stocks to Buy Now // Cannabis Stocks, Weed Stocks Pot Stocks Medical Marijuana Stocks

26 Marijuana Stocks to Buy Now // Cannabis Stocks, Weed Stocks, Pot Stocks, Medical Marijuana Stocks, Make Money with Marijuana Stocks, Marijuana stock …


  1. David, I thank you so very much I have been going through so many You tubes on this subject because I believe in this. Also I had to stop working at 61, severely hurt at work. Nursing. My manager, directors, all knew it for years when I was having a very hard time walking, as fast as I could to blue alerts, etc I could hardly do it. As they watched my mobility fail, they pushed me out. at 61. Social security told me " You will spend you 32,000 401K because we are never going to give you anything, this is going to be the longest 9 months of your life" Hateful people. all those taxes, I didn't make it until September,, sold furniture, all jewelry everything is gone. I am disabled big deal, it means I am in a lot of pain, and basically isolated. Not a good situation, for anyone. I desperately need to learn, I need to invest, I can do this with your help. I have listen to so many people the last 2 days talk to fact, keep talking about nothing, going around and around making me tune out. Finally Finally You David, Make sense easy to listen to I follow you very easily. Then when you gave your e-mail address, I almost fell out of my chair. But I did not. lolI will continue to follow you. I am a registered nurse, and I am so sickened by the unnecessary suffering at the hands of MD who get check backs on every bag of posing and the oncologist slides 5 to 6000.00 in his pocket, 97% of the time chemo does not work, radiation does not work,  I have seen people with their chests radiated so badly that the sack that holds your heard get so stiff their heart can not beat, the pericardial sac is not flexible.   I also have been following this plant and its scientific use I have been following for 10 years people dying one after another. If it was not for the children with severe epilepsy and the MD could not get the seizures to stop Until they used the plant that basically can save lives, produce clothes to oil, on and on.
    Thank You so very much Your cal
    I need calm
    Mk Whalen

  2. CBIS and CANL have had 100% moves to the upside in the last two weeks. Excellent results by anyone's measurements. Looking for pull back now and then higher throughout the year.

  3. Just checking into buying stock for the first time, and your video and information was extremely helpful. Thank you and God Bless!

  4. Peeked in 2014 because a bunch of them got halted by the SEC and it sent shock waves through the Pot Stocks and the volume dried up. Now the "Green Rush" is back in full swing! Started in Sept. and Oct. range leading up to the elections. OWCP was one of the largest gainers we caught so far with it moving from Sub-Penny to over .90! Find out more at http://www.bluehorseshoestocks.com

  5. David, great video.  I'm a retired police lieutenant.  I receive a monthly pension and am looking to maximize my dollar while I enjoy retirement.  I believe in the legalization of marijuana and have researched the great revenue that legal states are making from the industry.  I am definitely interested in buying stocks affiliated with the industry and appreciate your advice.

  6. Thx David, I am searching to invest and wonder what companies are experiencing growth following the latest election…

  7. It's a tricky business to 'weed' through all these companies and find a winner, but time will tell, good video!

  8. I really like AMMJ MCOA ERBB PHOT AND HEMP. THEY DO ME GREAT EVERY YEAR from late September all the way through October and sale before November 9th

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