2019 Outdoor Grow Harvest Update "Ill explain why I did this"

The plants harvested were random seedling autoflowers just if you were wondering I don’t really know what the strains are but they smell like blue dream so let’s …


  1. Super cropping didn't work here. Maybe next time stop playing with the plants like a retard . You have to let them come out of stress and grow. If you keep playing it's not growing. Just like these tiny weeny plants you have.

  2. If somebody plants could down one tonight take you four days whenever only one a night take it easy go slow easy cut too soon not good plants look good

  3. Wow bro great looking buds sorry ya had to take early than ya wanted I’ve had to do the same here still have the bear in the air here and that sux, great videos thx for sharing ✌️✌️If you get a chance checkout my outdoor grow videos buddy thx 👍

  4. That was pretty neat and that Bud looks wild and crazy with all sorts of frost! I'm going to be trying that Ancient art of Stem Splitting for extra frosty Ladies Yo! You might if ya didn't know! Thanks for sharing

  5. If the police shows up is best to keep your mouth shut and have ur attorney talk in your behave. Also if they show up with a search warrant make sure its for your address and check date they are sneaky goodluck flybird sshhhaaaoowww

  6. Ah shit that sucks. I don't wish prison on anyone. Again it could be completly unrelated, but i understand your paranoia. I respect your decision, whatever that maybe. Good luck Much love

  7. No I didn't weii lol nice bro love the video,, ,I saw leggs though lol 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🌳🌳🗣💨💨

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