2019 Outdoor Grow 💯🙏🏻 Let me know what you want 🙏🏻💯

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  1. Getting all big and Bushy! Looks so good! Your Green Thumb is Super Strong!🌳🎆✌

  2. If you leave her in the shoe, she'll get root bound so i'm all for re-poting her and bringing her indoor, but as always it's up to you. Ladies look great. Cheers 🙂

  3. For the fun part… I think bud it outside in the tiny boot… for the fun… not the yield.. just to see what happens

  4. Cola is my choice for sure, it might look like a leg with a green sock after trimming lol 👍🏻 awesome stuff man, great work, garden looks great

  5. Haha there’s a cage in that plant haha awesome looking good!!!
    You know it’s bushy when u can’t see the cage

  6. Girls look good keep up the growing. Have fun later today with sticky fingers lol. I say take the shoe indoors. Stay medicated CHEERS

  7. Garden looks nice keep the boot going 👌 awesome job very nice healthy plants going to get a massive yield bro mad respect Growers Luv

  8. got to have that blue dream man👊👊 all your plants look amazing bro!kick ass💪💪💪

  9. Awesome. hello from Iowa. Looks great thank ya for sharing your knowledge with us dumb iowa dirt farmers

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