2019 outdoor cannabis

This is an 18 an over channel for medical and legal cannabis enthusiasts. Looking at life on a NorCal cannabis farm. Sponsors: www.pleatherfaceclothes.com …


  1. i don't like striping the plants of leaves. they need them because if they get a tad dry they hold extra moisture helps them cope with heat. everyone i know calls them water leafs and if they yellow and start falling the plant needs more water. the blue dreams are a great mine are almost 7 foot already and using 10-15 gallons a day, i took your advice and started giving them water twice a day when its hot and it def helps gona be a good year thanks πŸ‘

  2. Sup my bro i wanted to ask you a favor if you can do a full garden update the way you used to do back in the days i would love to see. All them pretty girls you got growing

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