1. Thanks for the response, so i was having the same problem with the corn seed sprout tea, I was just soaking them in water and they never sprouted, but I needed to soak them for 12 to 34 hours thenDRAIN water, then let them sit for another 24, I wasn’t draining them after 12 hours was my issue, anyways thanks brotha keep up the great work

  2. Rain on it way took all my girls indoor dolly 50lb pots I see it's way more sunny on your side raining now 6am

  3. Awesome I’m trying to grow 6.3 clones and 3 seeds hopefully the seeds are girls but yours are huge awesome I will be following

  4. I don’t like the way people grow weed in this country…. looks like some lab rat prison cell experiment… too much greed let the plant grow free how the divine designed

  5. Looking good , how many gallons are those fabric pots? Subscribed , would like to see you transplant them on your next update !

  6. You can put the small solar yard lights that come on when its dark next to the plant so it sees light Just for a few weeks to prevent pre flower. Awesome grow tho!

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