2019 out door medical Cannabis ,Canadian Girl Grower. GingaSnapz and the Balcony of Weeden.

As always thank you growmies and My Fam for watching today’s video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time… Be kind and stay Medicated. Much Love …


  1. looking lovely so nice to see those little white pistils just poking out , looking forward to seeing them mature

  2. Damn, ginga I gotta stop by more often. The garden looks great. The auto flower is fat! Is that the old og chocolate Thai from back in the day? Love the genetics 🤙🌱🌲💨💣✌️

  3. Real nice Ginga, damn lumpy fruity pebble, cookie whateva🤣….lol real nice for sure🔥👊, nice balcony to chillax on EH, 👍you go girl cheers Nono likes😘👌✌❤❤❤🍻

  4. Great update I wish I had smellavision.. That one girl is chunky!! Stay safe and dry.
    ✌ and growers 💘

  5. Bees were covering my male plant outside!!! yikes!!! lol anyone in my state whos plants contact these bees will get beans in their buds and cannabis pollen in their honey.. hahahahahaha!!! ops AWESOME AUTOS AND GARDEN!!! LOOKS AMAZING

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