2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Artificial Intelligence

Isaac Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics might be seen as early safeguards for our reliance on artificial intelligence, but as Alexa guides our homes and …


  1. the problem of earth, these mixed morons who think themselves into hell because
    they don't know anything. not a single one of them spoke of God, so God shall never
    speak of them in his kingdom.

  2. People regressing after AI, if you've seen the movie "Wall-E" I think people are worried that we will just sit around and gain weight and watch TV all day.  Not that we don't do that already…hmmm

  3. Trolley problem 3 vs 1 all unknown is one problem seeing if a person has the ability to kill someone.  But the problem I have heard is 10 (unknown) people vs. 1 (best friend) person.  Can you kill one vs. many (maybe).  But can you kill you're best friend vs. many makes a more interesting problem.

  4. Robot Lovers?! Oops! LOL… Asimov dealt with the legitimacy of Robot Lovers way over half a century ago. Are we going to blush and go prudish about Robot Lovers in a 2019 in which primitive robot lovers are literally marketed? Admittedly today's offerings are more like glorified slot machines, but, a principle is being established, and, Isaac Asimov is among those who've laid down the topic logic and emotion.

    ~ For A Good Time ~ see the film "The Creation of the Humanoids" (1962) (You Tube), holds an admirably probing intellectual intercourse on the issue of robot lovers, and, is a daring little Grade B sci-fi to see with a human you want to cozy up to the idea. 😉

  5. When i see men with moustaches i often think why. Its like some sort of men`s make-up. But then permanent.
    On topic. AI. I do not know. They already have a saying, google is god. I do not believe in a classical God. But the modern one scares me a bit.

  6. As Sam Harris said: If we received a message from aliens saying "Humans of earth, we will be there in 50 years, get ready". We would feel a bit more urgency.

  7. At 1:17; "…our go program can't play tic-tac-toe unless we program it to do so." One year later, and we have deep learning models that can, with a couple months of practice, learn to beat professional human video gamers at whatever game you assign it.

  8. This Debate was apparently the Swan Song of the Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate program. No Debate is scheduled for 2019, and no doubt that is related to the allegations of sexual assault against Neil de Grasse Tyson. If the series is ever revived, it will probably be with a new host.

  9. 43:35 You can't build unbiased AI that can be responsible for something. Because responsibility itself implyes being biased to implementing it.

  10. I've seen this debate for the 3º time now.
    But after Westworld i have a completely new perspective on this.
    This subject is amazing. 🙂

  11. I really hope Neil learns to interrupt less. I really like him but he derails the conversation sometimes. I understand he’s trying to clarify complicated science theory for the public but a lot of the time it is just annoying.

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