2 August 2019 – The CEC Report – Cash ban won't stop money laundering, it will trap you into bail-in

1. Morrison’s cash ban is a trap, but we can stop it 2. To shut down money laundering, target big banks and auditors Presented by Elisa Barwick and Robert …


  1. There are THREE days left to dispute this criminal "shell game"
    by writing to EVERY MP & Senator and stating you are opposed.
    List of ALL of their email addresses here:


    Also: committee.reps@aph.gov.au
    (House Committee)

    Start your complaint with: blackeconomy@treasury.gov.au
    then your own state reps & then send your letter of opposition to
    ALL of them. After that, call your newspapers, media, & NOTIFY
    everyone in any social media platform you're on. NO ONE knows about
    this, & it's frightening!

    Below is a REFERENCE LETTER.
    You MUST alter it and insert some of your own opinions/ideas before
    sending it on. Create yours, paste it into a new document on your computer & save it. Then email it to EVERY MP-Sen in the list!

    (A generic letter to our representatives. (for reference only)


    Dear  (insert name),

    I am writing
    to draw your attention to the Draft Legislation entitled “Currency
    (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019”, commonly known as the
    $10,000 cash transaction restriction legislation. The draft
    legislation was uploaded for exposure on the 26th of July 2019 on
    Australian Government Treasure Website accessible via the following


    Having reviewed the information provided I am concerned that
    the potential unintended negative implications of this legislation
    far outweigh any potential benefits it may provide. Specifically, my
    primary concerns are as follows;
    1. Removing our ability to make
    a purchase from businesses using Ten Thousand Dollars cash is a
    fundamental restriction on our liberty and freedom to conduct

    Forcing people into the digital banking system and depreciating the
    use of cash removes the safeguard money provides as a counterbalance
    to experimental monetary policy. In particular extremely negative
    interest rates. Please refer to the following link for additional

    Implementation of this legislation will add burden and stress to the
    most vulnerable and elderly members of our community.

    The release of this draft legislation for comment Friday the 26th of
    July with a short review period is not sufficient given the
    significant and far-reaching implications this legislation can have
    for generations to come. I would appreciate it if you could let me
    know how you intend to vote on this Bill because I will be reporting
    your response to my social media outlets. Thank you for considering
    my submission and please do not hesitate to contact me should you
    require any additional information.

    More reading:



    Please pass this along. Post it to ALL SOCIAL MEDIA and ask it to be passed on. Post to every YT video about this issue. Post to reddit, and every other site you can possibly post to. The email addresses are already here for you– the hard work is done. Copy/paste YOUR revised letter to EVERY, SINGLE place you can!

    I also posted it to EVERY AU political & media website I could. This includes their presence on FB.

  2. Be warned; Australia is the next Weimar Republic, giving rise to the Corporate Fascist State. And the government will regard Financial Independence as a Threat!! Cash can enable you to operate outside of the financial system. 
    Banning cash means the government can empty your bank account anytime it likes.  Not to mention Hyperinflation; when interest rate go down, the price of everything goes up.Not to mention Hyperinflation; when interest rate go down, the price of everything goes up. 
    So , a negative interest rate with depreciate and devalue the purchasing power of everyone's money. Its also a way to Steal our Super; because funds will Lose Interest over their term due to negative rates and hyperinflation.
    This is obviously planned! The government will regard ANY Financially Independent person as a Threat!!

  3. money laundering is a big cash cow for our governments banks and major corporations fucking dirty pieces of shit is what they are


  5. Keep up the good work. It is just astounding what our politicians think they can get away with because there is no recourse against them. I have written a letter & please note for an actual submission it needs to be at least a word document NOT just a email and emailed it to treasury. I hope every other Australian that watches this does so to.

  6. Money laundering…they make bartering into slavery at the click of a button..you people are so irritating.

  7. I have sent my "strongest possible objection' as you have suggested. Good luck, and well done to you.

  8. If you got rid of the money system you wouldn’t be a slave to the government.stop winging about what you worship.🖕👹👹MONEY👹👹🖕

  9. The EU is making a law that Britain is adopting, Brexit or not.
    This law means that payments online will need en extra password and or fingerprint or eye scan.
    This is an attempt using multiple angles, attempts and methods.
    Fight back with force.

  10. I don't want to scare you but if the Debt bubble does it will be more of financial crash in the last banking system happened and you are naive to think that your government would do anything to help the people who have been affected by this crash if anything the banking system and the government will see it as an opportunity to seize the assets of the people of their countries

  11. When you think of it they can't collapse the economy but it means the banking system and the government and seize the property of the Citizens of their countries who money this was their policy all the way along it is about taking control ol0 for the millions by the few the banking system is corrupt and is working on the behalf of the new World Order they intend and to seize the properties the mineral rights and the means of production in your economies and control them centrally for a un government appointed by those people who are things and created every aspect of the Western Nations along with their policies of the enslavement of the people is the ideology we of the cull of the people of this planet Georgia world wasn't far wrong when he predicted the state intends to take over and carry out acts of ungodliness on the people of your nation

  12. The cash plan is a part of the policies of the world's New Order it is about taking control OL4 of the wealth of your nation it is about putting into the hands of government and if those people in the banking system it is about not having the freedom to spend your money how you wish to spend it it it is about doing away it means the state and then if you are one of those who wish to hold them accountable you can find and there will be no money around and your cards would be switched off off-hand you would automatically enter the zone or poverty they would then be able to see your properties make you homeless and have you and your family staff in your country this is why they believe in the abolition of money especially paper money because it means once they have control over that if anyone was to help you they could also do the same to them m&it seems funny how people are so Naive when it comes to the ambitions of the new World Order and the the UN will pushing for the policies of a world government pushing their policies in Australia in your councils and local authorities of agenda 21/30 along with the policies of mass immigration to do away with the identity of your nation isn't it strange how much do you people are so Naive to believe that many of these people work in the best interest of you you know they work in the respect that will never have to have accountability once I've taken power and they can do what they like to the majority of people in Australia

  13. Re: Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019
    If I send my signed petition form to you (CEC Australia) via your post paid address will it definitely get to you?
    Or should I put a stamp on the envelope just to be sure?

  14. the irony. caman island accounts, for ministers and their pals to launder 10's of millions, fleeced from honest taxpayers (paying for excess floodwater?). they say they have a mandate now….what did they get up to?, when it looked like they would lose the election?. welcome to the casino archipeligo. Got your invite to the high roller room?

  15. If the Australian government tries to activate bail-in, there will be blood on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney. Australians are lazy and complacent most of the time, but mess with their money and they will go ballistic.

  16. It's all going to fall over soon. It will be the middle ages. No jobs no food. E very thing we take for the r granted will be hard. Money will be worthless there will be no power no law no order. The rich will run away into their hideouts. I Strongly suggest that people get ready as best they can cause once it goes it will go fast

  17. Re, money laundering. Small international transfers are being questioned, as if $120 would fund any terrorism or anything else. Western Union were happy to take my money, not send it on, then refuse to return it to me. Looking on line I found a list of 500 odd similar cases, small amounts to family members for relatively important things, and taken, never returned.

  18. I say the quicker it all collapses the better , there is coming a global financial crisis that will make the great depression look like a tea party , then war , ,that's how it always works ,. Man has had around six thousand years of failed kingdoms and governments , to eventually discover that evil wicked men can't run this planet with truth ,justice and equity ,because of their covetous greed and sin .But there is a government coming upon this earth ( KINGDOM ) that will intervene in the affairs of mankind and save us from extinction and ourselves , and it will be headed by the soon returning Jesus Christ ,whom the bible states will rule it with a rod of iron from the capital of the world at Jerusalem , but will rule with truth righteousness justice and equity ,and nothing will be there that defiles . Then and only then will man learn and experience true happiness and peace on earth when all other corrupt governments are taken out of the way .

  19. When are you going to expose who is behind the money trick and all their black magic methods.
    You should interview James Corbett and discuss his documentary on the Federal Reserve and it's censorship.

  20. Here's what I said on Facebook post. Please advise if I've got anything wrong as will send this as my 'submission'. Thanks. "I think after watching Citizens Electoral Council YouTube – 2 August 2019 upload on the collusion between the worlds central banks and banning citizen cash transactions law being looked at by Morrison govt, the greatest dark desperate deeds are going on and current headline news ie shipping troubles in the Gulf, the US gun massacres, and the nuclear Australia debate again are all distractions. Please spare yourself 24 minutes and email the Treasury before 12 August. Super serious stuff is going down and energy prices the least of our worries. Proposing a law to allow the banks, private corporations to CONFISCATE depositors money! The global cash rate is a hair trigger off going under 0%, 11 years after GFC and bubble likely go again. Fact was only the money laundering by drug cartels kept the central banksters afloat with a cash injection of $400 billion last time. Australian is well known mug capital of the world because our 'authorities' do not enforce their charters, means we have no money crime protections. We are being deliberately socially-engineered to abide by a digital lifestyle, ie no cash economy allowed. As well 2 years in jail if ever use over $10,000 in cash. This proposed cash ban is to herd us into a pit of poo when the going gets tough for the banks and all under the guise of 'stopping' the black economy. But won't stop big business or drug / arms cartel money laundering at all because all that money is safe as squirrels, secretly audited by big four accounting firms – who have been fined for noncompliance and rigging – no govt tax office could touch if they tried, tucked away in shell companies located in tax haven countries. Perfectly legal because those who approve these laws are those who can and will avoid them the best."

  21. You still think you live in a democracy. You dont, you live in an oligarcy. The very thing your Grandad fought against has come to pass.

  22. what happens to business that have set aside money for a bill which remains in the bank but in the mean time the bank has taken some of the money does that mean its the business that carries a short fall debt on the original bill into the next month. If this is the case business will fold due to the uncertainty of their money being available for bills

  23. Some serious problems going on in the world and we are just minions. This problem identified in this video is just one of many huge problems facing Australian freedom. This headlong race to get to UN global rule is going to be the end of Australia. The Brits voted for the Saudis to be in charge of Human rights and that vote was traded for a reciprocal deal on weapons. KPMG handed the NBN control via the gov to Telstra. They shut down the DSL network and put 600 layer 2 service providers out of business so they can monitor and control everything via 8 big companies and this data retention scheme. All we are left with is a bunch of re-sellers who have zero network control. Then the gov allowed the big corporations to censor simple sites like Bitchute which is the only viable YouTube alternative. The Corruption is massive but on contacting the ACCC.. you can barley get the time of day, much less a resolution or investigation. Everything is an illusion of respectability.. nothing more.

  24. This weekend, my wife went to a party in Sydney, she mentioned how everyone was talking about that is great time to buy a house and the market was going to go up again. My wife asked if they were worried about negative interest rates and credit restrictions affecting the market. They literally said "WTF are you talking about?"

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