1st week of harvest! 2019 part1

Follow its_a_farming_life_for_me in Instagram Okay so first week of harvest 2019 cutting winter barley Started monday 22.07.19 Combine= John Deere T670i …


  1. Why not remove the three trees from the field in the intro? Is there a benefit to the field having them there?

  2. Dont use your phone whilst driving,, not nice to loose your licence, and get a heavy fine,,might affect your harvesting next year,….And we dont want that….

  3. so why didnt you back up to the gate and start, to clear some ground for your self, surly that wasted some crop. Nice driving, b,t,w,.

  4. Shouls have done the landy yellow as well, to match the combine,, never seen a john deere landy before,.would be unique..

  5. Good evening,

    What about your protein rate? Will this Barley be used for brewery or to feed animals?


  6. Great video Andy! winter barley has been coming up nice down in Shropshire hope it does the same for you!

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