14 Of the Most Asked Questions About CBD | Hemp Oil

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  1. Took 2 1000 mg gummies a vape shop gave me as a sample this morning. She recommended taking both because I’m a big guy. As an EMT I work 24 hour shifts so my off days sleep schedule is crazy. Been an hour and haven’t felt anything. Guess it’s not very concentrated? Any tips would be helpful because I’d like to start taking it regularly to avoid sleeping pills.

  2. Body size/weight has no impact on how much CBD you should take. It is metabolized by your endocannabinoid system, and is specific to each individual. A 120 lb woman could need three times the amount of CBD as a 250 lb man for the same effect. It all depends on your CB1 and CB2 receptors.

  3. Getting high is altering of feeling cbd gets me body high not mentally but that still is a high because it’s changing me body

  4. I just spent a bunch of time trying to find a video just like this!! Thank you. You're associated with the same brand I am 🙂 Love CBD Biocare!!

  5. doctors think i have lyme causing my brain fog/tinnitus, its been a long 2 years unable to drive now (only 40). i spend 1 1/2 years on antibiotics then switched to expensive specialty doctors who have me on $1500 of drops every 2 months for the past year that do absolutely nothing but i keep taking them.

  6. I have recently been prescribed celexa(10mg) for anxiety and depression. I was thinking of buying cbd capsules (15mg). Now my question is, do you think taking both in a day will be a bad idea or be harmful? Looking online i see alot of sites sayin no then some say you shouldnt mix.. So idk what to do. Whats your opinion on it?

  7. hello im askin do u think it work HEMP All Natural hemp wellness 100 mg hemp derived cannadidol oil?

  8. Hi Kevin,

    I suffer from crippling anxiety. Do you think CBD could change my life? I’m trying to obtain a medical card in my state.

    Hoping this will change my life for the better.

    My only concern is not being able to drive or concentrate using it. I’ve tried 1 drop of 100mg Koi CBD and it made me really drowsy. I felt like I was drunk. I vaped it originally and felt nothing. Then I tried it sublingually and about 30 minutes later I felt like I was floating. Maybe I need a different kind?

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