10 weeks of flower = another successful 10 poud cannabis harvest video!

Working another successful harvest at my buddies grow. I suggested going an extra week and the results look amazing! Some beautiful medicine! Twisted T4 …


  1. What's the point of a 20 minute video with only about 3 minutes worth of Information, what would be really interesting is plant count, temperature cycle, 0 to amount, feeding regimen, whatever led to the suppose th 10lb harvest

  2. Mr Canucks uses auto flowers his does good ik u dont really like autos but in my options there eve better there usually smaller plants with big yields. Mabie not as big as nonautos but still decent. Just like how you use a machine my boy mr. Canucks does everything by hand all preference. But still nice grows

  3. The advantage of the trimmer is that you trim the weed really fast, but I bet youre losing a lot of keef. IF you’re a drug dealer then I dont see the problem of doing it by hand since you get 10 pounds and that takes time to sell in my opinion. Doing it by hand ensures higher quality than with the machine.

  4. Bro your one of my only channels left on YouTube plz post some new videos. Let’s see the grow room now I bet it badass.

  5. Damn brodie thats a fucking valley of weed nice looking trees and crazy set up… Hope u can come check me out first time grower and just posted my very first vid… I would love some of those beans…

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