1. LOL LOL LOL dear TFP pay attention punksters
    there is a grand experiment underway
    CANADA has embraced marijuana and the 'Merikans can NOT agree what to do … let 'we the sheeple' grow it or throw them in jail … both are happening simultaneously
    JUST MORE PROOF that the average yankee doodle dandy willing to join the army to kill muslims is kinda stupid to begin with?

    DEAR PUNKS south of the border .. check back in 10-20 years to see how this grand experiment is playing itself out …
    legal in Canada vs but still a crime in most states of the EweSA?

    Your ignorant nation of righteous bible babbling fools are hell bent on ending the world and basically making the world come DOWN to your level of stupid?

  2. Got mixed feelings about this video.

    Legalizing marijuana is IMO part of the wider agenda to create a global police state populated by dumbed down zombies, BUT…..
    I''m actually in favor of legalization (freedom and liberty) but people who are aware of the agenda need to ask themselves the question why at a time when all over the planet basic freedoms are being deleted on a daily basis why is a mind numbing drug being legalized ??

  3. Excelent video!! It's time someone gave us the facts about this horrible weed abuse which has robbed the will and soul from so many of our loved ones.

  4. None of this excuses violating any adult’s human’s right to buy, sell, own, and use marijuana. It in and of itself is a victimless crime. You have no right to tell others what to do with their lives and bodies. Banning it is evil.

  5. I love the TFP movement, Clearly you lot are lovely kind caring people.

    This video is terribly researched and within the first 1.5minutes you've already manipulated the audience. Still hilarious to watch as always.

  6. I’ve noticed that heavy marijuana users are very prone to anger and fits of rage. The ones I’ve known are also delusional. As I’ve grown older I just don’t have time for drug users with their self-obsession, carelessness and emergencies.

  7. Pot is for fools & makes ppl stupid, I've seen my friends who smoke weed get dumber before my very eyes but they deny it stubbornly. They take offense easily if u criticize their pot use.

  8. I'm 62, a Christian and a conservative, father of three children ( none of them smokes or drinks) and I hate seeing people being sent to prison for smoking marijuana! Alcohol is much worse and harmful to families! Stop your propaganda that hurts so many people!

  9. Stupid video ,we have in the netherlands 30 years legal marihuana and zero killings,explain that please!,and overdosis in marihuana is imposseble! Total wrong information you share on this platform, shame on you!!

  10. I don't buy your data. Here's my stance on the matter : prohibition doesn't work, history has taught us this time and again. There's just no reason I think of, that weed smokers should be thrown in jail, yet it's OK to get wasted at a bar, for example. Can't have it both ways. People have to be educated about it, one has to learn to see objectively (keyword) what it does to one's body, how that bleeds into the other facets of one's life. Much like food.

  11. Marijuana is harmless unless it's overused it's not addictive it doesn't make you commit crimes. I no longer smoke marijuana but I advocate for its legalization because it's harmless! The only reason it isn't legal is because there's money to gain by it being illegal

  12. Agreeing with your video until the solution. I have never done recreational drugs despite being surrounded by them from the 70s until now . This is due to a few factors but God wasn't one of them. I often would say when offered drugs: "No thank you, I get high on life." A silly cliche' but with some truth. Your somber, serious visages are not going to persuade. Smile and be happy.

  13. Wow, I saw the title of this video and assumed it would be some pro-marijuana video. Good to see it is not! Good to see some young people standing up to the propaganda.

  14. I disagree. Marijuana ahould not be considered a narcotic. A narcotic is a drug that makes you have withdrawals and even death. There's no associated withdrawals when quiting marijuana. Marijuana is more harmless than an aspirin. Those who say they suffered withdrawals because they are use to smoking it is nothing compared to quoting caffeine. This has been doing wonders in the medical field.

  15. are u aware that most of this are bunch of lies ? I agree that some people missuse it as everything else, alcohol, ciggaretes even sugar, why u dont make video about that ?

  16. I am a right-wing conservative and I think that this video is a bunch of hypocritical nonsense.
    If these puritanical holier-than-thou people want to keep marijuana illegal then you must make all alcohol illegal.
    Alcohol causes more harm to our society whether it's the criminal system Health System whatever alcohol causes more problems by far than marijuana ever caused especially now that people are vaporizing marijuana instead of burning it. So for anyone reading this that is against marijuana but loves drinking wine and beer you're a hypocrite flat out there's no other word for you you want your cake and eat it too.
    Make marijuana and alcohol illegal or they both should be legal you can't have it both ways.

  17. Send this to that hypocrite John Boehner. Then again when you serve mammon you cannot serve God also.

  18. Hemp was the only real competition for the likes of Rockefeller big oil during early industrialisation whom were responsible for the demonisation of hemp and introducing the fossil fuel monopoly which pollutes the earth and pervades medical treatments and discoveries to this day.

  19. Id recommend sticking to the abortion arguments, if its legal in your state let the people smoke if they wanna smoke and vice versa

  20. Cannabis is A RELIGION. The original Cannabis plant seeds have been genetically enhanced from the original THC potency of 3% to 35% potency. This critical FACT falls on deaf ears of it's worshippers.

    Cannabis worshippers are forbidden to question it's control or effects of this deity. Therefore it's worshippers have been subdued and conquered.

  21. There was a lot said that was really good. And some that was kinda eh and vague. Like the whole idea that "Oh crime rose that year when marijuana was made legal." What it doesn't take into account is that areas which vote hardcore democrat and bleed blue usually have some terrible crime and homlessness problems period. That be like saying "The city of Detroit's crime rose the year weed was made legal." Like no shit. Detroit is hardcore democrat and have always had one of the worst crime problems period. Now if you said somewhere like Alexandria, Virgina's crime rose after legalizing marijuana then i'd be like WHOA. I basically agreed with everything else you said about mothers and children and etc etc. But all the stuff about how weed is ruining supposed "great states/cities?" Not only would I disagree with those points, but I would state that those places were never great to begin with. I don't see marijuana being any less safer than alcohol. But yet, people today still have the right to drink at will. Also the whole idea that "we tested people after accidents and they had thc in their systems" is bogus. We as nation or any nation for that matter. Do not possess the technology to accurately examine the exact time someone last smoked. THC can stay in the system for months. If someone gets in an accident and they had THC in their system, they could've smoked 2 days ago a week ago etc etc. and the employer will say "Oh you had thc in your system, that must mean you were high during the accident." That's not entirely accurate.

    Can weed be bad for you? Yes. You should use in moderation. Can alcohol be bad for you? Yes. you should use in moderation. I'm all for public safety. But I will not sit here and look upon marijuana in absolute horror like as if it was some boogie man or some type of Black Death that is sweeping the hearts and minds of this nation anymore than any other drug. Legal or not.

  22. The problem with this is that you could say the same thing about alcohol and yet we don’t criminalise consumption of alcohol because we know it doesn’t work and people continue to consume it even if it is illegal. The same thing happens with cannabis, it’s better for it to be legal and regulated (e.g. requiring lower thc content as most street cannabis is incredibly strong compared with years past) than illegal and left to the dangerous black market.

  23. Another way that marijuana serves as a gateway drug is how predators will wait until someone is stoned before they introduce the harder drug for them to get addicted to. That had happened to a marijuana user that argued up & down that he would never touch crack because he saw what it has done to people while he was trying to defend the use of marijuana. He became ensnared by a harder drug when his mental capacity and moral judgment was impaired. We do not live in a perfect world. True blue friends are hard to find & come by. We all need Jesus Christ as our Savior & Friend to help us to be sober in following Him because the Bridegroom will be coming soon. Are we ready? 1 Peter 5:7-9 & Luke 12:40-49 & 2 Timothy 4:18

  24. Recreational marijuana is the same as alcohol consumption. Neither is good for you but if you're going to call out one, you have to call out the other. Also stop equating substance abuse to marijuana addiction, not at all the same thing

  25. No such thing as resistance to marijuana to the point of using other drugs to compensate!
    You will get high Everytime you use it!

  26. I would recommend people look up Dr. Phyllis Boniface on this topic. She lives in Ann Arbor MI because that was the first place to legalize marijuana in the US and she studies the psychological affect that marijuana has on people who use it.

  27. whats even worse than Marijuana is alcohol but you christian will happily drink alcohol. Why the double standard. Jesus never drank alcohol or used drugs.

  28. rather than legalize it we should just send all that money to the Mexican drug lords so that they can be billionaires.

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