10 Common Misconceptions About Marijuana

Marijuana has been a controversial topic for quite some time now and as more U.S. states begin to legalize this drug for recreational use, it is important for you to …


  1. If people self medicate to deal help manage sleeping disorders, eating disorders, social disorder, etc. does that negatively impact their health?

  2. Very informative and straightforward video. I like how you made it so easy to understand, but also kept it very scientific. I honestly never knew the reason that many of these statements were misconceptions. Hopefully, people who watch this video are able to educate others on some on the topic, especially some of the more dangerous misconceptions (like smoking during and after pregnancy).

  3. What is the current state of research availability for marijuana? I know that in the USA at least there are problems doing direct scientific research because of its illegal drug status.

  4. I actually didn't know the truth about some of these misconceptions. It's nice to know the correct facts now.

  5. Very informative video and learned a lot about marijuana. Do you think marijuana should be used just for medicinal use?

  6. I definitely didn't know everything that was included in this video and I learned a lot, so thanks for sharing! So, in conclusion, what is your stance – should it or should it not be legalized in New York State, and do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa? Great work, Vanessa! 🙂

  7. Is the United States currently doing studies on the effects of Marijuana? Really informative video!

  8. omg I need to comment one more time because this is just amazing!! I keep watching this video over and over because it is so riveting. You should really go into cinema!

  9. Wow this is incredible Vanessa! This was so helpful but thank god they are soon legalizing marijuana, am I right? And I don't say this because of the side effects but because it can help individuals with health issues. I would really love to get to know you better and maybe sit down and have coffee to discuss more about this topic?

  10. Marihuana vs Marijuana? Which is the correct spelling and why is there two actual spellings of the substance?

  11. Wow! Such great information! Does it really take 40,000 joints for someone to overdose on Marijuana?

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