🌿 Reefer Revolution Gets Growing Cannabis with Mel Frank, "Godfather of marijuana growers"

Can two novice gardeners learn how to grow cannabis? If the “Godfather of marijuana growers,” Mel Frank, can’t teach them , no one can. DC and Coach Chela …


  1. I always gently unbind roots if their compacted, & give B1 Or SuperThrive (hormones to prevent transplant shock) Leave In dappled light for a few days, move incrimentally into full sun.So late in the season…I would give them some liquid fish emulsion to kick start them, careful, too much will burn. If you have any flower petals, roses or whatever…they are phosphorus when dried then burned, add to plant soil…On Autumnal Equinox give liquid Bloom every two weeks til 2 weeks before harvest. Enjoy!

  2. Great vid..Mel is a true Og ..Many of the earlier players got started with His seed..such a great humble dude..Respect..👊😎👍💯💯💯

  3. Having the legend himself hand teaching you to grow is classy, great work guys, I love where this is going!

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