✅Law of Attraction Secret Weapon – CBD Oil Cannabidiol

cbdoil #secretweapon #Cannabidiol This is the secret weapon the Law of Attraction. CBD oil removes block to the Law of Attraction and the manifestation of your …


  1. I think your great, but the real research on the brain shows and proves that CBD oil is BRAIN DAMAGING, Please people do your research!!

  2. Wow! I certainly learned a lot about CBD oil and I absolutely appreciate the information. I had open heart surgery in 2016 and stopped all the prescription medications that were given to me. My heart was fixed but I had tumultuous side effects. Now I understand what was happening to me. Thank you Robert and Rachel for taking the time to share this information. Going to get the oil and implement it in my lifestyle. I love both. Super vibes.🤗☺😚

  3. Thanks alot, but what is missing is that how to use it actually for listed issues? Just rubbing it? or drinking it as well. Appreciate your respond Robert. All the best

  4. CBD Oil has been been a life changer for me. I use sublingual 3 times a day. And, I vape for immediate relief of sudden panic attacks.

  5. Is that your secret for such young looking skin? I really want to know why your skin keeps looking better 😍

  6. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  7. hey man just watched the video will try to order some rn
    if i may ask u a favour i just finished watching both of your how to change your appearence and i saw in your first one that you had psoriasis and i have had it all over my body for 7 years now (just turned 19 this february) please help me to get rid of it some tips and stuff it would mean a lot to me thanks

  8. Omg I’m promotor of CBD 😱 wow thank you so much for the video … I been used CBD for almost 4 month I love it so much . Thank you Mr Robert . I told my mentor this morning I felt im Block I felt everything not going my way. And now you told me I got the best magical supplement 🙂 no wonder lately I am so calm and patience CBD is working inside me … 🥰😍

  9. Guys, I'm using this because of my EPILEPSY and it works AMAZING!!!!!! So everyone who's suffering from this disease, too – give it a try!!!!! Good luck!

  10. Okay so… I'm a subscriber and have been watching your videos for a few weeks now (and love them so much!). Then, just today, for the first time I started researching and looking up videos on CBD oil, which I had never done before. AND THEN… this video popped up in my subscription feed. What is going on??

  11. It's a good job I already have some. I usually use it through my e-cigarette, but I've started taking it as a tincture in recent times. I think I'm gonna use it more often now.

    For those just finding out about CBD oil, I can at least say that it's good for chilling out with. The best brand I've come across thus far is El Gallo (The label has a rooster's bust printed on it), particularly the papaya flavour. I will warn that it is expensive, especially at higher strengths (I use the 500mg strength), but this brand is incredibly smooth tasting.

  12. I was just looking at it yesterday wanting to order some. Universe sure does talk to us in her own manner. 🙂 So grateful! Love your videos! Thank you!!!!!!

  13. I have been using the CBD oils and having my family use them. I love them and looking to also use other different products they offer. 🙂 I was just talking last night to others about my CBD oils and this video of your pops up. I am to send my link for the oils I buy to them.

    I just love you and your videos 🙂 Thank you for doing what you do!

  14. Wow,mind blowing information for me,i hv nevr heard of this before but i wud definitely try it out, plz tell us How to use this oil,is this edible? How long hv u been using this oil?

  15. Thanks Robert I'll add it to my protocol.. God knows I need every help I can get!
    PS. Discoverd I a recent article by some study that giving blood especially for men decreases heart attacks and strokes by.. Listen to this a whooping 75%. Even though I don't believe in receiving blood I might now start giving it.
    Take Care!

  16. what should one do if you have an allergy to this stuff? :C I tried it and weed for my chronic nausea, stomach and seizure issues and had a TERRIBLE experience…

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