1. Not my cup of tea but CG420 was definitely dinged. I remember him posting from his ladies channel during it.

  2. Love your stuff, Pigeons 420! Legal weed here in my local New England dispensaries is around TWO AND A HALF times more money! Prices outside the dispensaries are currently about $25 for an 8th, but the legal stuff averages-in at about $60 or 65 an 8th… And my most recent batch purchased legally had worm-poop in it! No kidding! (Whenever suspicious or concerned, I take a minute or 2 and inspect my bud with one of those cheaply-priced hand-held microscopes.) I've learned that an honest talk about "contaminated" weed is one that many people are uncomfortable having. Most remain silent, and of the few that do speak/ type about it, many admit to never having actually looked at their bud microscopically, and most are in denial about this seemingly common concern. Even though it's gross, I think that it's probably nothing to worry about (health-wise), but I'm learning that bug byproducts left stuck on/in bud is WAY more common than most of us know or are comfortable seeing for ourselves. Blessings for fresh, clean green for all!

  3. Something like this makes me feel like I'd be smart to go back and watch as much of your content as possible now, take it all in, and learn what I can while I can. I'm one of those who's constantly coming back and not only looking for that older content I may have missed, but also re-watch things. I feel like I cant learn enough, but in this world I suppose a company/platform such as YouTube see's that as some sort of deadly weapon??? smh… This censorship is out of control!!!

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if some government entities either here in the USA where I am or up there in the great white north is involved. I am not a conspiracy theorist but as people stood up voted and did the things they said needed to be done to legalize and got them accomplished against all odds they had no choice but to bend and legalize however marginally here in the states. The tax’s and tariffs aren’t enough for them so trying to make sure they keep total control and the most income they can is pertinent. Hence the continual attacks on homegrown products.

  5. The only reason They made cannabis legal is so they could rape you with taxes !!!!! 👓

  6. I appreciate you giving the scoop on Matt. I'm hopeful that the situation will improve, but it's an uphill battle. The stigma runs deep against us.

  7. The only reason youtube temporarily stopped the attacked last year was to prevent THE WEED TUBE from taking off. They never changed…never will…

  8. Its the wild west right now. The only thing that will make it legit is the MAN…Because of some greedy punks….They are forcing the hand of big brother to get involved , which is fkn sad… People fuk it up for the rest of us…Just like everything else that some fkr abused and made it either banned or way too heavily involved in our lives…EG. Cant discipline your kids, because of some fkd up parent abused their child . The law protects the bully now….etc. etc. etc. I can keep going with endless examples of how something was abused by some dk head and ruined it for everyone.

  9. Love that you're sharing about Mrcanucks man sharing the love for the community is what makes this community so great. Much love bro stay lit 🔥💨☁💚

  10. Yeah, the Canadian Government is making YouTube do this to finish taking control over the industry, then theyll go door to door to clear out the rest of the resistance. If you didnt notice with the complete loss of your free speech rights in Canada, it is now a fully Socialist country. YouTube isnt Progresive, its Socialist.

  11. someone im chat asked about my disabled aunts helper monkey she got to help pack her bowls that stole her bag and locked itself in the cabinet.. these are the monkeys https://youtu.be/iGdHjSyry-A aside from a hair in ur weed now and then it was fine to get used to… it sees weed and it packs the bowl, we do not trust it with a lighter yet.. like I said a few sugar cubes and treats lured the bastard out but that bag was in shreds and weed that was left was unsmokable..

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