Your Legislators: Recreational Marijuana (March 14, 2019)

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen-R, Sen. Steve Swodzinski-DFL, Rep. Jeanne Poppe-DFL and Rep. Paul Anderson-R talk about a recent bill heard relating to the …


  1. They said that people where oding on pot but how is that possible no one can smoke anuff pot to od it takes about 2 time your body weight to od and you just pass the fuck out after a few bowls

  2. Marijuana is a public safety issue… Oh FFS. So is alcohol. Dangerous dangerous drug. I can't really say anything to someone so stupid for lack of a better word.

  3. "younger Folks " sad when our representatives best open minded days ended in the 1950"s and only care about the 80 and over crowd

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