Your brain on Marijuana

In this episode, Your brain on Marijuana, I answer a viewer question: How does marijuana affect your brain? Turns out, it’s a lot more complicated than …


  1. Palmitylethanolamide (PEA) & Anandamide and Endo(or Exo)cannabinoids relate to mitigating nociception in the lumbar region and peripheral nervous system in general i think… i have a study around here somewhere but i'm lazy =}

  2. For what I understand there isn’t a lot of good info about any drugs that are illegal or were in the case of weed. Because in an attempt to decriminalize science has some biased towards positive effects of weed. Plus smoking seems to still be and as most weed smokers have black lung after prolonged use
    So the actual positive and negative effects are largely propagandized
    It seems like your video touches on it. with your cautious word usage.
    I am wondering if my understand is true or if I have been Brain washed.
    It’s hard to tell with this.
    However I can say that it really good for pain haha.
    Making stuff illegal is just really bad for science

  3. The only thing cannabis is a gateway to are panic attacks lol. I'm loving the new look of the channel by the way!

  4. a "gateway drug" do you mean like caffeine, ETOH and nicotine? then yes. Before taking cocaine or meth people may start by taking some of these legal drugs first.
    if you mean cannabis = meth addiction, then no. one does not lead to the other.

  5. <== Paramedic here. I've been attacked by people on cocaine, PCP, X, meth, synthetics, alcohol, and opiates (though, largely, opiate attacks are usually after I Narcan their ass to get 'em breathing again). Never on any cannabis. To put it in terms of lives destroyed, and the damage done, alcohol reigns supreme.

    Personally, I don't care what an adult uses as an intoxicant. Whatever works for them, I'm perfectly okay with… as long as no one else is affected by it.

    Also, incidental opioid intoxication by physical contact with its powdered form is not a thing.

  6. Only 17 likes? How do you not have like 10k subscribers yet???? Your videos are like neuroscience cliffs notes. People pay good money for the info that you are GIVING AWAY!!! Maybe you should do a video on the science behind people taking good info for granted!

  7. Oh, there soooo much more! Like THCa, and how CBD counter acts the psychoactive effects of the THC. So much to still learn!

  8. I know this is purely anecdotal but about seven years ago when I was smoking cannabis about 3-4 times a week, I was on no antidepressants or anxiety medication, I was running regularly because my knee inflammation was no longer an issue, and I rarely touched alcohol, because the high from cannabis was so much better than the buzzed feeling from drinking. So I guess you can say that I was using it both medicinally and recreationally.

    Definitely not a gateway drug. I know that I can only speak from my own experience, but I never had any urge to do anything else. Maybe better quality cannabis, but that's it.

    And while it may be habit forming, it's definitely not addictive. I haven't smoked cannabis in seven years but I can't say the same about drinking coffee or soda…

    Thanks for such an informative and realistic view of a plant that has made me consider moving to Colorado several times!😂😂😂

  9. Unfortunately I seem to be mostly immune to cannabis. I've smoked it dozens of time and generally watch everyone else get stone with it having no noticeable effect on me. Rather sucks because it is now legal here.

  10. What I thought before the video…

    "Mostly harmless"
    Gateway theory re:cannabis is sociological construct and mostly nonsense. Hydrocodone is a gateway drug to heroin.
    Kids probably shouldn't use a bunch of it.

    Don't smoke and drive.
    No physical dependence/withdrawal syndrome like alcohol/benzos/opiates/S*RIs… not sure why that is.

    Aaand video confirmed most of it.

    Great video! I liked the funny bits. Rad brain tie returned. Seemed like there may had been a kinda fuzzy filter on the camera lens?

  11. I know it's mostly illegal here in the United States, but hasn't Israel been studying it for decades?? Just curious!! I deal with chronic illness that comes with chronic pain as a side effect… They've had me on opioids for the last 13 years & my next surgeon wants me completely off of them before even doing a consult… Anywho, long story, short: I'm going through major physical withdrawal from that… Makes me wonder if I'd be dealing with as much crap if they had tried medical marijuana for the pain… I'm all for legalizing it, I don't think it's a gateway drug at all & I think there are true benefits to using it above other pain-relieving options!!! Thanks for another great video, Amanda!!!

  12. Despite learning that moderate use is not as harmful, if harmful at all, I still choose to abstain from its' use. I found in my younger years that I didn't have an off switch for marijuana, if I was having a little bit I was going all the way, there was no such thing as moderation for me.
    As far as intoxicating substances go, I think alcohol is a far worse "problem" than marijuana. In fact, the only real issue I could see with marijuana use is driving whilst intoxicated.

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