1. I’ve never smoked, but I do edibles. And I gotta say it’s amazing, I’ve had good trips and bad trips. For a good high I take 30-60 mg. For a heart attack simulation I take 100-500 mg. I used to be scared of doing any kind of drug so if your curious but scared. Trust me it’s awesome and you should totally try it. But make sure you have that day free. Cause you ain’t gonna be able to do anything that day but feel dam good and sleep. Also I HIGHLY recommend you listen to Lofi hip hop beats. Trust.

  2. I ate a Hella potent cookie my first time. I was convinced my cousin ripped me off so I ate an entire brownie as well. I hadn't even ever smoked before and the total amount was roughly 200 MG when added together. I was high for like two days straight and I called my friend "crying and screaming for help" when in all reality I was apparently singing the transformers intro and making wild hand movements as if I could actually communicate with sign language. Needless to say, it lasted for almost a full day.

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  4. Well it lasted on my about 15 hours … the firs 5 i was very high then it slowly fades away but on me it was very slowly …

  5. I thought I I needed to go to the hospital after eating a edible my heart felt like it was beating too fast

  6. I took a huge bite and I kept telling my dad that I can see the stress on his face and I know what he's going through and all this dumb shit. The next morning I woke up with my hair curly. Then I had to go to school I don't remember anything after me getting up to go to school. It all went blank because I was still high the next morning.

  7. 1:53 bruh what the hell is that shit in the pipe lmao they really be showing us reggie wtf why did i not notice this the first time i watched the video

  8. When you die, you will wake up as an alien who has just smoked DMT and your alien friends will greet you and ask you how your trip was.

  9. The best way I can logically describe edibles is imagine every nerve in your body with its sensitivity cranked up to 11. The perception of time and space is stretched to oblivion meaning everything you see looks like is moving away from you and time is moving incredibly slow. Kinda like an echo effect if you will. Anything you think you are feeling becomes 💯real. And there's no escape.

  10. I gave my dad half a brownie. He threw up, cried, and laid on the floor doing the fetal position. He wanted to call 911 cuz he thought he was dying. He's a Christian dude that believes sobriety completely and I tricked him so he didn't knew what it was…

  11. I recommend using distillate to make edibles. If you do the math right you can dose better. Or just make THC oil capsules and then you'll have an even more accurate potency and dosage. You only need 5-10mg to feel it depending on the tolerance of an individual.

  12. I'm eating a whole tray of brownies go back then it was just Reggie I can eat more edibles than normal people and it doesn't affect me like everybody else I get high though

  13. Yeahhhh, we thought it wasn't working…until 1.5 hours in…and my husband and i were floating and seeing things in slow motion..hearing was impaired too😂

  14. How would you sign up for a marijuana study?

    Purely theoretically

    How would you sign up for a marijuana study

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