Worlds Largest Indoor Cannabis Plant -3 pounds dry weight

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  1. It's because everyone with auto seeds harvest after about 75 days because the point of autos is fast yields but you proved to us how big they really can get by waiting til they get to there full potential thanks for this video I'm going to wait a little longer on my autos now because of this video thanks

  2. I actually just started a new channel of my own and I would be honored if you check it out and tell me what I'm doing wrong

  3. Hey man what's up this is amazing I'll do some research and see if I can find a bigger one but so far I don't think I've ever seen anything this size. props bro oh, that's impressive what did you do to get that kind of size out of it?

  4. Are you on crack ? That's nowhere near the biggest indoor plant , you've obviously never heard of the guy in British Columbia Canada that grew plants close to 20 feet tall indoors in a barn …

  5. Football sized '-' I can tell it's American football
    You mean (Here in England) Rubgy ball sized '-'
    Great job !! I can't wait for my NL Auto to finish

  6. Nice plant but as far as being the biggest indoor plant ever not even close I've made bushes waaay bigger then that Indoorz

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  8. Man: Honey pls i just want 1 plant I can handle it!
    Wife: Ok just 1
    Plant: Im about to end this mans whole career!

  9. I would change the title to “my biggest”. How can you claim “The Worlds biggest” bro. How did you even determine it was the biggest indoor ever grown in hw world? Seems like a personal opinion to me…really just facts. Good grow though very nice.

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