1. No edibles! Edibles are something I don’t do! Ever! Only indicas and/or CBD!
    Glad I’m not the only one who tokes daily (at night). I smoke for sleep, less anxiety, relaxation, spirituality and the change of perspective it offers me.

  2. I watched you guys for the first time tonight & really enjoy your fun sense of humor! I'm in Oklahoma & we are voting for medicinal marijuana on 6/26/18. Send us your good vibes so it passes! Thanks!

  3. So many smokers complain about how weed doesnt work right for them and give it up simply because they dont know theres a such thing as sativa and indica. So many think all weed makes you paranoid and lazy,never knowing theres different weed for different needs

  4. Too many people don't smoke and meditate and really get to know themselves. The weed talks to you. It teaches. But you have to listen.

  5. Can we PLEASE get some better glass? Yall are some of the only consistent glass reviewers on YT, you owe it to the community! Can we please see some Toro, Sovereignty, Mothership etc? Sheesh.

  6. Love you guys but… LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE! Lol I knew as soon as you guys started feeling it! Keep up the amazing work

  7. Bong-ly speaking, depending on Uh, the taste, and how hard the effect hits me. Usually within 15 seconds, is it harsh? taste good? Usually if it's not harsh, the taste will be good. The better the taste (most times) the better the high. I've had purple dreamer, pyts me to sleep. Real comfy, relaxing buzz. Amazing powerful cloud of aroma-nism. See u up there!

  8. If you have access to legal cannabis its easy to make sure you smoke responsibly, but if you are in a situation where you aren't able to get it legally, it can be a lot harder to control what type of high you get.

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