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US Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week rescinded the Cole Memorandum, an Obama-era directive that discouraged enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that have legalised cannabis….


  1. What is with the "California produces 8x more than they will consume" thing? Yet they are going to have a shortage of cannabis for their dispensaries? Interesting. I never really seen any of these studies Kevin Sabet has quoted for the last like 5 years.

  2. The criminalization of marijuana is totally stupid in this day and age, especially here in the USA. It all has to do with money.

  3. American History teaches that clamping down on supply does not work. During alcohol prohibition we arrested bootleggers but not drinkers. In effect, the 1920s was a time of decriminalized alcohol. Before that, in about 1914 we tried to reduce opiate addiction by clamping down on poppy growing countries. Both attempts were done with the best of intentions but neither attempt worked.

    Since then we have tried harder, and harder, even interdiction on the oceans, Interstate Highways, even mandatory sentencing for drug conspiracy of women who would not testify against their men.

    The ONLY way to reduce the societal damage is to get out of the prohibition business and offer help to all who ask. The Swiss have been doing that since an experiment started in the the mid 1990s and, in 2008, added it to Swiss health services.

  4. Weed is illegal in most countries around the world because of the US. In the 60s-90s pushed treaties that required all signatories to curb drug production and distribution in exchange for aid. They could be renegotiated to exclude legal marijuana but it would be a difficult process since many of these countries such as most of Asia have much stricter policies and negative public perception toward it. Any attempt by the US to renegotiate these treaties no matter how obviously well warranted will face a lot of criticism and ridicule by "straight laced" countries like China and they have a point. Before the US got involved in policing the world drug trade marijuana use was extremely common in Africa, Asia and south America. We fundamentally changed that culture and now we would be asking them to do a completely 180 which from a strictly legal standpoint makes us look stupid and inconsistent.

  5. Yall do realize sessions' can be impeached under article 2 section 4 without impeaching trump right?

  6. Too many guests not enough time given to any one line of discussion.
    I don’t understand why you need to bring in so many voices – it just makes the conversation disjointed and annoying to follow.

  7. This is stupid debate honestly. Why did none of them mention Big pharma. Or big alcohol companies and how alcohol prohibition was a failure or about how Marijuana being illegal originated from racism. come on man. Let's get jesse ventura up here.

  8. sheldon adelson funds the opponents of medical mj research in the US while his likud party(funded by sheldon adelson) has made strides in medical marijuana research…all this happening simultaneously… so take some time to let it sink in.

  9. Its really an issue of control, should I be in control of my life or should the govt? I'm supporting self government and force from the state. The Federal govt should never have had any say in the matter, its not constitutional at all. The Kevin guy sounds disingenuous, guessing he's bought and paid for.

  10. I hate agreeing with leftists, but on this occasion they're right. Marijuana (or its active ingredient THC) is relatively harmless. It isn't addictive, or not much, so it isn't like cocaine, which is powerfully addictive. It impairs the user's judgment, but not so much as alcohol does. When smoked as "grass," it tars up the user's lungs, but so do cigarettes. And unlike most illegal drugs, marijuana has health benefits for certain people.

    The argument that you can get 10 doses of THC in a gummy bear isn't going anywhere. You can get a lethal dose of many legally traded substances into a gummy bear, and THC isn't lethal. When someone must make an argument of that sort, you know that they've lost.

    The new federal push against marijuana use shows one thing clearly: the old, addle-brained, fuddy-duddy curmudgeons who told us lies about cannabis in the 1960s still haven't all died off yet. And some of them are still overly close to the reins of state authority.

  11. This is just a push to put it in congress's hand to make it legal federally. It'll cause enough of a ruckus they won't be able to ignore it anymore.

  12. i will have to say, let test it out in 1 state, see the result before we start judging about it.

  13. Ha ha ha ha ha ha oh this kid made me laugh where he come from that says major hospitals and around the world they are against it where the F …k u got your info, Australia is not against it and they have started for medical porpoises at this stage so he need a lot to study and research

  14. While I disagree with Sessions' decision, it may have a silver lining. It may precipitate the legalization at the federal level through legislation from Congress. What I find most interesting is that it's the liberals advocating for looser regulation, and the conservatives, who base their whole platform around personal freedom and the reduction of regulations, who are tightening the screws.

  15. Conclusion from 2017 pub med, peer reviewed study by Jacob M Vigil, et al: The clinically and statistically significant evidence of an association between MCP enrollment (medical marijuana) and opioid prescription cessation and reductions, and improved quality of life warrants further investigations on cannabis as a potential alternative to prescription opioids for treating chronic pain.

  16. These legal/criminal decisions to are made courtesy of lobbyists (also known as those who are in it for the money) as they serve out comfort and consolation and money-to-spare to harangued elected officials who in their day-to-day practice overstep and contravene their authority in both the letter and the spirit of the law

  17. If you are looking for a rational reason you won't find one. The reasons are political. There are two I see. The first is that the Republican Party just hit Democratic leaning states with a tax increase. They don't want the marijuana legal states, mostly Democratic, finding another source of revenue while they are trying to punish Democratic voters. The second is because the Republican Party would like to get rid of Jeff Sessions, the head of the DOJ. They can then install a Republican Party yes man to the position to get rid of the Trump/Russia investigation before they lose the president for criminal conspiracy for money laundering. It has nothing to do with marijuana.

  18. Won't go after inside trading, price rigging, or elite pedophiles? All boils down to Big Pharma and money? Pill pushers are killing more than covert wars! Weed hasn't overdosed anyone? Impossible to overdose on a joint. Session's needs to be removed.

  19. show me wear Prohibition has worked.. stop this safe place and know people will do what they want no matter the law

  20. maybe the streets in the usa are to quiet and everyone is to nice to each other with their weird red eyes and a stupid laugh?

  21. When the Federal government finally realizes that marijuana has no long-term health deficits associated with it and that there are huge economic benefits, they will create massive cannabis farms and then use glyphosate on the plants which will poison users and destroy the industry entirely. I've been smoking pot, off and on, for over 50 years and yes, it has become more potent, which means I can smoke less and get the same benefits. People who argue about how horrible pot is either have had a personal bad reaction to it or have never tried it. Legalizing cannabis doesn't require everybody or anybody to use it; just like alcohol and tobacco, nobody is forced to use those products.There are NO cases of physical addiction to marijuana, so at the very least it should be rescheduled and decriminalized. Jeff Sessions and others who support his policy toward marijuana prohibition have been under the influence of a long-dead cultural fear stemming from "Reefer Madness" and the false idea that minorities are prone to criminal acts when they use "the evil weed." Wake Up! "Marijuana is not just for hippies anymore". I've known people from across the entire social spectrum who have used pot to no ill effects. The worst thing about pot is that it's illegal and that in itself causes stress and anxiety. If you agree with me YOU need to STAND UP, call your Congressperson and Senator and tell them how you feel, and start or join a LEGALIZE MARIJUANA movement in your state!

  22. Marijuana is used for healing foot and mouth diseases of cows in our village. It is also fed to our pigs to deworm and fatten them. But all within the limit …………

  23. At this point I don't wan't to hear from anyone against legalization, they are either paid shills or alarmists.

  24. a lowly AG does not have the authority to issuePolicy that a pastPresident enacted & mafiaDon said he would not enforce…. show us a trumpsterMemo to enforce federal rights over stateRights now!!!

  25. The medicinal uses are whole plant inclusive. You cannot overdose and it is helping both patients and addicts who are clean of addictive substances. Bring it. Peace.

  26. The two men of color of course would bring up race… Rich white guys from the silicon valley are not the only growers and making money

  27. pfizer stopped parkinson's and dementia research because of pot legalization…? because pot is a killer, it isn't a saver, no point in ordering for cures if people abuse their bodies and tell everyone about how it's minorities that are targeted as if it's a harmful thing to prevent bodily harm to their health so they don't drive up their own cost when they need help? Hello? – So Dems want marijuana enacted because they want to harm their own voters?

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