Why I Stopped Smoking Weed… (Life Changing) || How Do I Feel After Six Months???

What’s up youtube, in this video i talk about how being sober for 6 months has been and the life changing results thats came so far. I also explain why i #stopped …


  1. A lot of the times I don’t think it’s really the weed that slows people down it’s the reason why they started smoking in the first place. You used weed to cope with the Bs and ignore it but your just putting it all on hold while it still creeps up.

  2. Hey man, thank you for this video. I'm 20 and I've been smoking for over 6 years. It all has started when I moved out from my home country. I've started smoking weed for fun because I loved the feeling of it but after few years my whole life changed. Back in my home country I used to have a lot of friends but after moving out to another country they all seemed to forget about me, I've become very antisocial since I didn't have a single friend that I could talk to and getting into new friendships was too hard for me. Many people say some bs "people can leave you but weed will always be there for you", that was my biggest mistake as almost everyday I felt depressed and to make myself happy I was smoking weed by myself in the parks. Since then my addiction become stronger and stronger. For over a year I smoke everyday at least 2 times a day but sometimes even 4 times. Every day I'm telling myself that I will quit tomorrow as I want to start my day sober, but the first thing that I think about when I wake up is when I'm going to smoke. For over 6 months my depression got much worse as very negative thoughts started flooding my head for example: I will never become successful, I will never have friends again, I'm shit and many more thoughts that are definitely not helping in hard times. Currently I'm so tired of life that I must stop smoking otherwise it will get worse and honestly I can't imagine my life getting even more shit as it is right now. But after watching this video I felt that I can do it too. Overcome my addiction that is ruining my life. I will do my best but it won't be easy as smoking while being depressed makes addiction much much stronger.
    Once again thanks a lot for this video man it gave me a little hope that I can do it too.

  3. 3rd day being sober, thanks for sharing that video, means alot and nobody knows my pain I'm going through, wish me luck in the USMC that shall hopefully change my life and become a better person that I know I can be 💯💯🇱🇷

  4. Everyone please give me some advice, I am 16, turning 17 this year, been smoking for almost a year, 2 days ago I took Mdma at 2am and smoked till 6 and also drank and the I could not sleep that night, but the next day was fine, just took a day off, but now I am having a loss of appetite, don't know If this is from mdma of weed as I was smoking so much few days ago compared to before where I used to to a joint of 2 medium a day, that day I had like literally 10 sticks and went crazy, now I am feeling fine, just my appetite, was thinking of taking a month break and start smoking again

  5. 28 days free from marijuana and I’m taking it one day at a time it can be done guys believe in your personal power 💜

  6. Wow god works in crazy ways i just smoked and while I was smoking I was like damn man it’s been 10 years every day I need to give this up then I see your video and you really inspired me to quit. that god damn FBI agent always listening

  7. Tbh weed has been leaving my life slowly coming from someone that has severed for 6 years it’s boring to me now I don’t see the point of smoking weed I don’t even get high anymore I’m literally considering to never do it again cause there’s no meaning of it to me anymore

  8. We can’t stop we always got upset for nothing when we were out , but yessss I just went off on my plug (dry dessert looking ass🤣)

  9. Weed totally makes me a different person ! All I do is make bad habits so hopefully if I stop smoking weed better things come to me .

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