Why Cannabis is the Ultimate Medicine | Towards the Future (Episode 3)

Both hemp and marijuana can be greatly beneficial for treatment of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and even cancer. It can help with so many conditions and …


  1. Dude! U should check a band named Deftones! The guitarist of that band is Stephen Carpenter & he has the best weed ever! V/ V/ V/

  2. I used to purchase from Denmark- it was grown in Iceland. It was too expensive. But it did completely relax my body.
    My mid stayed un-effective. I am border-line – it does help. I am OCD- I am still very functional

  3. Chemo is far more dangerous than any form of Cannabis. I think it's probably killed more people than it has saved.

  4. Every time I hear the phrase "side effects", it makes me think of this guy that used to advertise a miracle weight loss pill on TV when I was a kid. He had a really thick accent so it would sound more like "without drugs, without sucky face".

  5. The drug companies that hate hemp are the same people who created heroin, which is actually a registered brand name. They saw it as a major break through as it "wasn't addictive".

  6. Hopefully very soon this destructive and costly "war on drugs" comes to a grinding halt, and pot just becomes as legal as Alcohol if not more. Despite the fact my state has legalized hemp as well as Marijuana, I can not actually partake in it due to my job. It needs to be federally legalized for me and others in my industries to partake.

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