Where to buy CBD oil for Cancer? The easiest way to find CBD Oil in your state for 2019

Where to buy CBD oil for cancer? Well, it all depends on which state you live in. So how do you know where to buy CBD? In this video, I go through all 51 states …

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  1. Good Morning Todd,
    This is Lisa. I hope all is welI with you and with yours. I wanted to let you know, ASAP, that although I DO live in AR, an historic "yellow" state, I am allergic to the chemicals: CBD & THC.!!! I DON'T want to be a buzz-kill for you, but literally, these chemicals are truly buzz-kills for me, (i.e., it was attempted some years back – for anxiety for the very same reasons it popped up in your mind). But for me: It actually causes much more & severe anxiety ( like a PTSD episode – at it's worst). As a result: several meds were tried – with 1 actually somewhat effective-on-a-short-term basis, that being a common anxiolitic called Xanax (alprazolam). I use it very sparingly due to it's highly addictive properties. I have an Rx for 3 – 1mg. Doses/day.PRN. I always take 1 mg. @ night due to PTSD dreams. But I rarely consume the full 3 mg./day because – I don't want to become a full on addict, ( NOT because I don't need to take them).

    I appreciate your good suggestion about cannibis, & can almost hear your disappointment. I am sorry for causing you any let-down, Todd. But, others may find your suggestion to be extremely helpful, so, I'm happy you brought it up for anyone who could find it useful. It is what it is.

    I want you to know that I've begun work with a therapist. And, I got my "Silver Sneakers" card with FREE gym membership here in my village. Infact – I live within walking distance of one of the 3 gyms available to my community. Also: I bought 2 pairs of sneakers; black & pink, ankle & wrist weights and another back brace ( more flexible than my current one) so I can keep one on during work outs. This is good news!!!
    Thank you for the kick in the butt (I needed it! & more of them, I'm certain!)

    I also made some promising phone calls after watching your last vidio. This is a public platform so I'll keep it vague, but, they were helpful & encouraging.

    I have a therapy appt today (Friday) this afternoon, and have put notes together to facilitate progress there.

    New Topic: I have thought about your suggestion of some type of interview format. Featuring you and myself in it. I think it's a good idea, Todd😊. I don't know what/how you wanted to proceed towards that goal, but, I do know I'm up for it…I think.fyi: I used to conduct interviews for/with students & clients – in my former life. They were 99% helpful, successful, painful, interesting, scary and very useful…for all parties involved. I've never been on the receiving end of an interview so I'm not sure about how helpful I'd be…but I think, as you do, that if I'm experiencing all of "this", then for certain: others are too. And very importantly to me: just that you suggested – it had an extremely powerful effect on me – in a really good way. ☺️!

    I wanted to let you know soon – so you could start thinking it over. Maybe decide whether it's something you would still consider doing at some point.

    I'm sure you want and need time to think about how you want to proceed with the option of interviewing. So I wanted to let you know, as soon as I felt I could actually commit to doing it with you. It IS something I am really intested in doing. I have a feeling there is DIVINITY at work here.

    Thank you for your time and attention. To care about people you don't know is a distinct characteristic of empathy. My perceptions of God is equal in spiritual power to that of Empathy. Thank you for sharing so much of yours with me.

    Till Next time…..blessings to You and Yours!


    All the Best, Todd,

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