Where Every 2020 Candidate Stands on Weed | NowThis

Here’s where Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and every other 2020 Democrat stands on weed. » Subscribe to NowThis: …


  1. These are first class rubbish dems..They'll sell their soul for a jelly roll..Socialists with no real agenda..but to pander the sicknesses of America..I stand firmly for cannibis use openly everywhere anytime..But I'm no socialist…

  2. I don’t like social justice or political correctness for that matter, and I don’t like weed being tied to that.

  3. Joe Biden believes what he saw in the movie Reefer Madness. He cannot think for himself. Remember he dropped out of the presidential race several years ago for plagiarism. He is a special kind of fool.

  4. This is in no disrespect.
    But 🖕Joe Biden! Mostly everyone but him was FOR the legalization.😒 Go eat a dill pickle with no dentures. Onawww…

  5. Shouldn't the title say, 'Where Every 2020 Democratic Candidate Stands On Weed | Now This' considering there are no Republicans mentioned? I'm a democrat btw, but as someone who runs a cannabis news organization I was going to run this piece until I realized it would alienate one side that wants to know how their side votes on cannabis. I know its that they vote repressively, but you should at least show it.

  6. I don’t agree with ruining your health for 20 minutes of fake happiness I understand to use it for medical use but it is bad especially for young brains

  7. Trump 2020. Bernie would be ok though. Politicians are flippy floppy with views towards things to gain votes anyways. Too early for this. Good vid though

  8. The greatest thing I learned from this is that the are still too many people running for president.

  9. Bernie is the heart and soul america needs. Healthcare, justice reform, marijuana reform, and social reform… How is it that hard to believe in him when he has always fought for us, unify under Bernie2020 before we lose another election and have trump's dictatorship around another term

  10. The guy who covered up police racism is not an advocate for social justice. Not sure why you guys have fallen for the Pete facade. Also you should have mention that Kamala has an anti legalization history despite her support for it now

  11. Biden just lost my vote. I live in chronic pain, and would just like to have it if I need it instead of filling my body with opioids.

  12. Wait I’m confused, you have Castro as “For”, yet he published the memo requiring federal housing authorities to deny entry to cannabis users? Even if/when it’s legal in that state? Does that sound right?

  13. Legalization should be Nationwide. And it should not be up to a state to make the decision for medical marijuana patients. Or recreational users. A state does not hold a medical degree. And it can choose to ignore doctors who are advocating for their patients simply based on corporate, or political interest. In fact harming American citizens and forcing them to use opioids which are far more harmful. Or having no other choice but to live in pain which leads to suicide!

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