What's Next for Hemp and CBD after the Farm Bill: Good Morning Liberty 12-28-18

Last week, Pres. Trump signed the Farm Bill into law. Beyond all the unconstitutional funding in the bill, a bit of a bright spot, the feds will no longer treat …


  1. Re calling it the Farm Bill instead of "The Food Stamp Bill" ….there is a loooong history of deceptive names attached to bills. Sadly most people read no further than the title.

  2. I have been seeing CBD legalized in titles of many videos lately, but, because I did not believe it, I have not clicked any of the videos which would have supported those channels. Your video is actually the first one on the subject that I clicked, and of course we know that your video title does not say CBD is legalized. My wait has paid off, yes I was right. We are fortunate to have people like you here on yt who post factual videos which are informative. Thanks for this interesting video. I sure hope that people who plan to grow hemp do not get permits. That is absolutely a crime against humanity. I suspect part of THEIR reasoning for the permit is to limit who can grow it to their special friends who own huge corporations. THEY certainly do not want typical homeowners with yards to grow it because a small yard is enough space to grow enough to make lots of items that homeowners would otherwise have to purchase from huge corporations.

  3. Great topic! Hats off to all those who grew marijuana when it was ilegal to do so. Let freedom ring!

  4. Are the regulations on getting hemp seeds so brutal didn't nobody can gain access and get a permit or is it simply because nobody's ever asked to get a permit

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