1. My dog is very scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. And he is unsettled and anxious in the car? Where to buy the best quality calming CBD treats for my dog?

  2. It’s good for them but it keeps them sleeping or just super lazy relax all day. A friend used to hive it to his Bull terrior of 10 years when he started gettimg sick .

  3. Amazing video thank you so much for that discovery. I wanted to test the brand you propose in the video "Pet Releaf" but they are not delivering in Europe (im living in Portugal), hopefully i found this website http://www.plantandhemp.com i share with you guys just in case you are in the same situation than me. Have a great day everyone ! <3

  4. Who Knew? Thank you this was a good video & if it helps to ease some kind of sickness or disease,this sounds great in treat form.I will most def. Go to a pet store & purchase a package or 2.Thanks,guyz.🐩

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