1. Sup doing my first grow this year in MI I been using foxfarm but might have to try someothers to see which one I like better

  2. Hey I wanted to let you know I tried some of that humbolts secret golden tree and that stuff works. You can see a deference in 24 hours.

  3. Thanks for the upload guys. Could you do a combination of synthetic and organic? Like for example using compost tea in between?

  4. CLTV. Amended soil and top dressing and fish liquid nutes twice a month. Dry amendments and homemade compost are dumb cheap. Gonna reuse and amend all my spent soil now. I'm trying to see how cheaply I can grow and still get banging results. Peace.

  5. Growing organic and it’s not easy for someone that’s not on top of microbes and amending soil ✌️

  6. Honestly microbes don't mind synthetic nutrients! They take what they need just like in nature. Ad some recharge and everyone is happy ☝🤓. If it's got npk it's ok.

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