What is CBD Oil | What is Cannabidiol | What's All The Fuss?

What is CBD Oil | What is Cannabidiol | What’s All The Fuss? #Cbdoil #pain #cbd #hemp #cannabidiol CBD oil, cbd hemp oil, which is also known as …


  1. This is great information Bossy thank you for sharing this. One of My family members has MS and uses this oil regularly with great results. I’m shared this out!! Thank you again! Always such helpful information in your videos 🙏💜

  2. Totally misinformation from mainstream media regarding CBD Oil …
    This a very good video .. Awesome!
    Thank you

  3. Relief of seizures, pain, depression and beneficial to stopping cancer spread who could dislike this wonderful oil that works instantly without side effects. Interesting queen Victoria used this natural plant of course abuse like always hurts it for everyone

  4. Another very informative video. I love how you explain each topic five the facts. I also thought you could get high from this. I didn’t know really what it was. Thank you for sharing. Also your videos edits are always amazing. Thank you so very much for sharing. I can’t wait for your next one. Much love to you always.

  5. Wow this was a great video with alot of good info! Never knew most of the about CBD oil!😀

  6. Excellent video & channel!! Looks & sounds fantastic! +1 LIKE 👍 gorgeous flowers and colors.

  7. I definitely thought that CBD and THC were similar. I thought they both altered a person mind and behavior in a bad way. Thanks for sharing this information.

  8. Great video and information. Good to know that it is helpful without getting you high. The queen used it and more effective then vitamin c and e new here can't wait to see more

  9. I never knew.of CBD thanks for.the awareness you are giving us. Very informative and helpful video.

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