What Is CBD Oil? | Top Benefits Explained

CBD is the latest natural healing solution that everyone is talking about. You might be wondering though what exactly is CBD and is it worth trying?


  1. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  2. CBD Tip: For the first few days of consumption, take 3-4x the recommended dose and then taper off to maintenance doses afterward. CBD will build up in the body and kickstart the activation of the endocannabinoid system which results in quicker, longer and more noticeable effects.Β It's important to ensure adequate intake of omega-3s to optimize the healing potential of CBD, as they are crucial for a healthy, functioning endocannabinoid system. In other words, the more omega-3s in your system, the better CBD works. Additionally, lecithin (preferably sunflower lecithin) enhances CBD bioavailability. Lecithin is used in many pharmaceuticals to facilitate absorption of the drug into your system.

  3. Thank you for this video Dr Group! I live in Australia, I am wondering if there's any avenue in getting full spectrum oil? I currently suffer from chronic pain (inflamed muscles in the whole of my back, I need to do approx 45 mins to 60 mins of stretching prior to getting up each morning to have any chance of functioning more normally for the day). I'm currently not taking any medications to reduce medicine… I sometimes see an acupuncturist if it gets really bad… but he's usually quite fully booked… and I often go without any treatment at the moment.

  4. Great advice doc!!! I would like to know if i can get rid of my spiderweins which i have from early puberty (i am 54 now). Could a cbd cream help perhaps? Thank you.

  5. Is your CBD oil lab verified to contain the labeled amount of cannabinoids? I know there can be a lot of fluctuation in potency between brands. Many of them are rip-offs.

  6. Should a person who has to submit random drug testing for their occupation be concerned with taking these types of supplements

  7. Dr Group . . so what you are saying is include the stalk and the entire plant when you make CBD oil from a live plant . . ?

  8. I think we need some product endorsements from you because there seems to be so many scam rip off CBD concoctions at gas stations grocery stores and the like. If I put one drop of CBD oil into 5 oz of canola oil does that make the whole mix CBD? That seems to be what's going on

  9. I mix CBD with THC . . and I think it works even better . . Charlotte's Web for children's seizures though . .

  10. Can it help with psoriasis? My husband struggles with it and we have tried to put topically hemp oil and it seems to help and I was wondering if CBD could help as well

  11. Doc I only Clicked to get your recommendation for a CBD oil and buy it ?? Can you please share this

  12. Did anyone else just get giddy after hearing this information about endocannabinoids. Besides that it just also makes me very mad. The stuff that can help us is the stuff that the government won't let us have. Thank you Dr Shock! !!!!!!…. Great Work!

  13. Thank you Dr Group for this video? Are you going to be producing your own CBD oil or can you recommend where we can purchase good quality CBD oil from.

  14. Is GHC going to come out with their own version of CBD oil? You guys have the best products.

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