1. In UK 99% is not CBD oil as it's mixed with other oils… safe to consume but you're being ripped off!

  2. I started Charlottes Web CBD oil a week ago and i cannot believe how much it has brought my sugar down!!! Praise God!!!

  3. I hope you can legally revisit this thought soon m. We know your hands are tied Dr. Berg. Thanks for trying your way around it for us though.

  4. I've heard it said by many that thc is needed for cbd's absorption, and so the legal limit of that thc is 0.5%, but that it often isn't written on the cbd extract bottle labels, they just take it for granted that the thc is in there.. So my new question is, is thc needed for cbd to work properly? And, if vaping cannabis releases different cbd compounds at different temperatures, does that mean exposure to more cbd in that way is a balanced way to take it? You would imagine body temperature ingestion of anything considered a food, by many, would be optimal. The smell of weed can be therapeutic I think, and armpits can even smell like weed because of the cbd produced in the body so maybe that is why.

  5. Sorry Dr. Cbd wont work without thc in it, not very much. And the 2nd cancells out the "high". So either 1:1 or 2:1

  6. Please do a video on the benefits of hemp seeds and hemp seed oil and how it differs from CBD. A lot of people are confused about the difference. Also, Hemp seeds are zero net carbs per ounce, are a complete protein and a perfect addition to the healthy keto lifestyle!

  7. Anybody have any recommendations for organic high quality cbd oil (no thc) for someone with early dementia/anxiety ? Thank you.

  8. For those of you asking 'why no thc?' thc can cause anxiety or even paranoia in some even in small doses.

  9. Cannabidiol often abbreviated as CBD is one of the prominent cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. Highly known for its medicinal properties, this cannabinoid compound does not make you feel stoned. Derived from the Hemp Plant, CBD interacts with the regulatory system of the body to boost the processes and improve the bodily functions.

  10. People just want to get high. Yet everyone is like the want to be healthy. Please. We know you want to be high and nothing to do with health. In between your high enjoy your cigarettes

  11. Funny how our body's have the receptors and they just now giving this miracle herb that's been around forever the ok!🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  13. Notice he didn't say why 100% THC free….. Gotta be a reason. I get the full spectrum which is supposed to have more benefits?

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