What Illinois' legalization of recreational marijuana could mean for the state line

On Friday, Illinois took the next steps closer to being the 11th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, passing a bill that would do so through the House …


  1. Mnnesota-may-be-next-to-do-t-too!-state democrat-leader-supports-rec-weed-and-democrats-just-won-a-majorty-n-state-Assembly-ln- last-years-mldterms.

  2. Then you need to change the laws Wisconsin just because you do not like the laws does not mean you can stop people who are over 21 from the use of cannabis I understand you don't want them trafficking it in the state but it seems like you need to change these prohibitionist laws that only harm the public and put people in jail for a plant that is no less addictive as a cup of coffee. Well it has THC So its ok to throw some one in jail because they use a plant you do not do that for tobacco or alcohol even if it was a dry county it is time for you to seriously look at the law and pass a ill that is favored by the Majority of voters in your state. #legalize #Cannabis #marijuana #medicalcannabis #Norml #Mpp #MPA

  3. Illinois just became a far better state than Wisconsin. Time to join the modern world and legalize

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