1. Why you saying “It may be better to stick with natural sleep methods” as if Marijuana isn’t just as natural as a mango or any other plant here on earth… It’s a plant, not a drug.

  2. “We are still lacking verifiable information on how it can affect our health.”

    Willie Nelson’s still alive, now give me mah friggin POT

  3. When I started my tolerance break I had trouble sleeping for a couple days, anyone else have this problem?

  4. literally nothing why u making a video about this? ive done this so many times

  5. Is this guy even qualified he litterally called cannabis a drug. LAST I FUCKEN CHECKED DRUGS ARE MAN MADE AND CANNABIS IS GROWN WYM DRUG

  6. Been using pot for 27 years now I started at age 10 because of pain I was born with spina bifida, tethered cord syndrome, chiari type1, MS and about 14 other birth defects/illness’s if I don’t smoke I can’t sleep I’ve tried prescriptions like trazadone and other prescription and otc sleep aids none of them work for more than a few nights MMJ always works ya sometimes I have to smoke in the middle of my sleep cycle but it’s better than no sleep at all

  7. I remember watching this sober once, couldn't finish it… now I'm high and concentrated af. 😂

  8. Like u siad not enuff reserch done on cannabis but the people will tell you its medicen to them and there right if u take cannabis the when u dnt have any at all you will of caurse feel weird but if the person has full relaxation they will be fine i stopped for about three months Nd smoked honey oil thc and i was flying lol but before that it was just normal to me so its about dose and whT that person needs but i find good cannabis high cbd and the are both very good and like u said they wont pay for the reserch it does to much for us they wont make as much money if u had cancer they would rather sell u smack on presrition becouse u can not just put it down and leave it like cannabis the lack of sleep with cannabis is more about the person if u quit medicen of any kind there will be sme affect on sleep either way u can sleep if you do lots in the day and get up super early

  9. I have suffered from Chronic Insomnia since I was a little girl, and it has been an ongoing problem for me until I started using Marijuana when I was 21. Since then, I have had fewer issues of insomnia. I sleep better and I feel refreshed when I wake up. It’s actually when I stop using, that I start getting anxieties during the day and insomnia at night again. I think it depends on each individual’s reaction towards it.

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