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  1. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  2. Great video as always Brian! I use Raised Spirit CBD too, it's incredible! You should try the chocolate option, really good!

  3. I just discovered that veterinarians in the US and Canada are banned from proscribing CBD or recommending it to animals.

  4. Hi Brian, have Dr. Berg interview in your channel please. Since you covering something about health on this episode

  5. Rick Simpson Oil. Cures cancer and many diseases and controls many diseases. You must have high amounts of THC with CBD to cure and control diseases.
    Rick Simpson is someone you need to interview!!!!!!

  6. Since CBD has become widely known, the medicinal properties of THC have been majorly downplayed. For example, CBD is more effective when combined with THC and can help treat chronic pain. Also, from first-hand accounts from cancer patients, THC oil helped them beat cancer. It's also highly effective against combating brain tumors. We most definitely need sole CBD oils for children who suffer from epileptic seizures but we also need to do our part in educating ourselves about the medicinal benefits of THC. It's not just a compound that gets you high.

  7. Ka-naba-die-ol. Let’s stop this parroting hype train. The skin is built to keep things out, including these BS balms. The oral efficiency is absolutely laughable. At best an expensive placebo at any typically sold dose. Vaping it or exceptionally high oral concentrate are the effective choice. Oral ingestion in a meaningful dose is so expensive it should only be for cancer patients and the like. Hot air passing over the plant matter is enough. And how about touching on the negative effects? or should we just keep the positive hype going with no breaks while the producers get rich.

  8. Great cast about cbd, I'm in the marijuana space. Yes cbd will be a multi billion dollars industry. I have a believe that cbd is good but need some of the other cannabinoids to have be truly effective. You need a car for the passingers 🙂

  9. Let's not get silly..this stuff is useless weigh real pain issues, studies already show this, !

  10. The problem is this stuff grows around the world, it's flooded the market's, it's in every store and online, yet 5 gummies cost 59.00 .. ridiculous…! It should be priced by demand and not like it's some rare gold found only by a certain breed of dog high up. In the Alps..

  11. Hello Brian, that’s awesome that you are experimenting with CBD. We are a Hemp Derived CBD Manufacturer in the USA, we would love to connect with you. We have sent you a DM on your Instagram account. Hope to hear from you, and by the way Teeka episode was excellent and he is 100% correct on the growth and future of the CBD Market.

  12. Started taking it a year ago use love cbd. Feeling the benefits, less stress, just feel better

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