1. Marijuana/thc/cbd is listed as an inducer for those that are tapering a benzo, also those sensitive to the Cy450 chromosomes. I tried using CBD during my taper and felt acute as I’m a fast metabolizer of the benzo and so the CBD worked as an inducer and pushed the medication out of my body quicker. In tapering you want your blood levels to remain constant so as to not feel any interdose withdrawl symptoms, using any of these products would not be recommended for someone like me. This has to be noted when recommending such products to people currently tapering, I’m not sure how it effects other psych meds though as I haven’t done research on that because I’m not talking any of those.

  2. You are more knowledgeable then any doctor I met… Keep up the great job. Sorry about your son. Your family is in my prayers..

  3. You keep talking about the potency of the CBD as if that’s superior. For many people it’s necessary to microdose and have low potency products. Can you explain why you think the potency level would be better seeing as we are all different? Thanks.

  4. Question: Can CBD oil be used throughout Benzo tapers and after you are done with taper? I hear different opinions on this subject?

  5. So this is an ad for CBD? I mean, if they're paying you to endorse it, that's cool. But you should say so up front, considering this is a Benzo help channel and people look up to you.

  6. What I've noticed is that CBD seems to help with pain caused from muscle spasm, but not pain caused by inflammation.

  7. It's not that stand-alone CBD isn't beneficial, it that it needs to work with THC and the countless other cannabinoids and terpenes.. like she's mentioning.. full spectrum is where it all works the best. Anybody in need needs to speak with a friend, or relative, that has experience..that's a great place to start to figure out what's the best route for you to take as far as cannabis goes. microdosing is also beneficial to slowly build up your tolerance.. tolerance is actually what you want with cannabis, unlike other substances. You want to be able to get up to a high dose and not feel anything, the only thing you want to feel is relief, and life. That movie biodome lol. 100% homeostasis is what we are all after every single day! 🙂

  8. Just adding some to my message. I like Indica better than Sativa because Sativa speeds you up making sleeping harder while Indica slows you down, a much better sleep. I feel more relaxed using Indica. Thanks so much !!!

  9. Thanks for another great video. I try to take CBD but they have so much THC it is hard. I know Leafly company very well. I mail order my 1st CBD from there. I am on their email list. My problem here in Colorado is the area I live can only buy it at a Medical Marijuana store. I do have my state MMJ card. The places here only have THC with CBD. I don't mind some THC but even 3 mg is more than I want. I am using 3:1 now, it has CBD, THC, CBN, CBG thus it is okay just the THC is still too high for me to benefit the CBC etc. I asked Leafly about it and I was told they don't sell the products and told me to buy at the local place. I still would like the high amount of CBD but no place here as it without a lot of THC. I am confused as to Leafly telling me they don't sell, just educate after I bought CBD from them a few years ago. Any suggestions?

  10. I’ve been trying to come off gabapentine and am at 40 mg 3 times a day.. it has been terrible. I also have nerve damage and tmj.. I have been using high cbd tincture to help with the withdrawals from the taper.. I know it’s not a benzodiazepine but it’s got a similar make up.. I’d like your thoughts on high cbd cannabis flower.. I take a 20 to 1 tincture and a 2 to one flower in the evening..

  11. OMGosh So Sorry to hear about the trauma endured in your family in the 1st four minutes. I hope you are all doing as well as possible!

  12. Hi Jocelyn, Thank you for all your videos. I know you say that CBD has helped you with sleep, which is great! I wanted to know how your sleep returned during your protracted withdrawal. What helped? What didn't? I know you said you were sleeping 6 hours when you jumped, but then other videos talk about still having insomnia. I'm 4.5 months off of Ativan after taking it for 11 months plus a 5 month taper. I was prescribed it (and polydrugged with other ADs) for anxiety/insomnia that spontaneously happened from a neck injury. The same pattern happened to me when I jumped. I was getting 3-7 hours the 1st 2 months and now it's gotten worse. Sleep one night, not the next. Ugh!! Trying to maintain hope that I will heal and get my sleep back. Thank you in advance for your response.

  13. Doesn’t cbd oil work on gaba receptors ? If so wouldn’t that be putting a band aid on the issues instead of letting them fully heal . I don’t know much about cbd oil but I’ve tried it for sleep as I haven’t slept normally in a year since coming off a benzo, unfortunately it did nothing at all to help me sleep.

  14. Cbd has saved my life. Cannabis as well . But yes I have to not abuse and use for medicine. The cannabis with thc …. helps my night terrors. Cbd with seizing and , appetite, breathing. And over a year got my bp down from 175 to 109. And itstayed down . It is 150$ for the one I had to get. I'd love to buy your 1000mg 60$. Is there a link to the webpage?and may I buy it right from the web page? I live inTexas…will that be ok? Much love

  15. Jocelyn,
    I just received grrr vape cartridges from Leefly & oh my goodness!!! It’s the first vape cartridge that has me sleeping SO well! I’ll sleep a few hours at a time which I was not doing. I’m
    So thrilled that you are by me here in Pleasant Grove. I may get brave & try to full
    Spectrum drops. I’m loving the price too! I hope to meet you in person one day soon. I’m 22 mos off klonopin & still struggling.
    Bless you!

  16. Good for you! In addition to this please look into healing school at Charis Bible college in Colorado springs. Look up healing testimonies on http://www.awmi.net you will be glad you did! I am praying for your family! You are a good strong momma! ❤

  17. Hi
    I’ve just ordered the oil from your website now
    I have couple questions.
    One bottle will last for 30 days? 1ml/day
    Do I start lower dosage then slowly increase to 1ml/day?
    Is the taste unpleasant? I have problems swallowing omega 3 oils and I get to the point that I gag and feel like throwing up and I stoped the oil form and took capsules form.
    Thank you.

  18. Hello everybody! I have been reading horror stories of benzo withdrawal.. which I am guessing does not help. I was wondering how long it took for everyone here to get over the hump of it all, as well as "enjoying" previous hobbies you once loved. Also by the "hump of it all".. I mean, how long did it take you to feel like yourself? Cause I know no matter what it will be suffering… buuuut a growing experience.

    I unfortunately was placed on Klonopin and Xanax when I was 21 in college.. now I am 25 and took my last tapper dose December 31, 2018. I became an addict by the system very quickly.. and honestly it took over my life before I knew it. Then of course I was hiding out inside myself, and everything was okay when I would pop pills too "escape" this place.

    You're usually too far gone before you know you have a problem.. and that was me. I overdosed many times on benzo's not seeking medical attention;

    I was on all different kind of benzos for 4 years and for 2 of those years near the end I was on 8mg Klonopin a day and 2mg Xanax a day.. doctor prescribed. I am worried I will never heal because I read posts on which people are prescribed way less and suffer for years.. and here I am an addict. For 2 years I was abusing them heavy.. I would try to quit and stock pile them up and then would fall right back in the pill bottle. 20mg of Xanax would not do anything for me.. at the time I shrugged it off cause I was lost. I started popping dangerous amounts and my dumb half portion of my self decided to drink alcohol on them because the pills were just not cutting it. Popping 40mg Klonopin and drinking was nothing out of the ordinary. Let's just say I worked my craziness/tolerance all the way up to abuse levels of 80mg Klonopin and 20mg Xanax at once. I decided that.. If no changes were to happen I would be dead. Finally decided to get help, and went through medical detox, rehab, and now I am going to therapy.

    For anyone on benzos looking to quit or for those in the process of quitting..it's worth it, stay strong!

    Peace and love

    Also a side note.. I have been smoking cannabis everyday and it has helped me sleep + given me some thoughts of positivity when servery depressed during withdrawal. For people not used to substances like THC, CBD might be the better option.

  19. I finally tapered off valium but my anxiety is crushing probably due to my neighbors pit bull that won’t stop barking. What do folks do for anxiety. Cbd oil didn’t help so now I’m getting suicidal. Damn I’m tired of this

  20. Your videos are wonderful. Thank you. I am sorry to ask this here but I am having trouble understanding why you say in another video to break up the daily Valium dose into two doses. You said you had to do that at 2 milligrams. I am now at 2 mg Valium also (down from 30!). Do you have a link to a video explaining about splitting up doses? Sorry to bother you, I know you are busy. Thank you.

  21. Hello wonderful! I have a question that you might have the answer to. I am 21 and have been on perscribed clonazepam 6mg since 17 (they started with 0.5 daily). Somehow i managed to transfer to valium and get down to 30mg in 2-3 months without major withdrawals, mostly stomach issues and muscle stiffness. How is it possible for someone like me who has been on such a high dose to come off so quickly to a medium dose? I will wait for about a month now to continue to 25mg then 20 etc. Am I just lucky that my body is healing fast or is 30mg not a big dosage cut from 6mg clonazepam? I would appreciate a reply so much, since I am confused. Thank you, and bless you, you are so wonderful

  22. clean of benzos for 9 months. i suffered for so long and suddenly once i was off I had very few symptoms compared to when i was tapering. i got off of my anti depressant shortly after that with relative ease even though i struggled in the past. at the moment im 100% back to normal. actually i think im better than i was before because i was severely depressed (hence why i was on meds to begin with) ive literally had days where i just sit and think "man this is the happiest ive ever been." i dont know if telling the whole story anywhere could actually be helpful to anyone. generally people seem like they dont wanna hear about it. i haven't gone back and taken look at this community for a long time because its such a bad memory but good to see you well.

  23. Hi there, I'm still waiting for the hemp CBD oil. Do you know when it's available? It's been weeks..

  24. I purchased a 1,000 MG. bottle – with dropper from Leefly Organics. It interferes with my sleep – so I take it in the mornings – or – whenever I am waking – and it is useful in helping me getting started in the mornings – meaning – whenever I awake from my sleep cycle – which presently is from about 5-6 Am through about 1-2 Pm. Luckily for me – I am an artist – So I can work whenever the mood strikes me – usually the last 8 hours of my waking day – which only leaves me 4 hours to take care of everything else in my life… I put one squeeze of liquid under my tongue, and hold it there as long as I can – before swallowing, and chasing it down with some water.

  25. Not related but important. I am still tapering and as we know its rough. I've been researching like crazy everything from natural glutamate inhibitors to something called Kefir that I want your opinion on and feel others suffering can benefit from:
    (This was a cut and paste and also contains links to (2) very interesting articles). Sorry for the long comment.

    John Cryan discovered that lactobacillus actually alters the brain-cell receptors for GABA in a positive manner, thereby reducing anxious behavior. The bacteria not only create more GABA receptors, but also produce the neurotransmitter itself which then circulates in the blood. All of this has a profound impact on emotional balance and the nervous system. As observed by Emily Deans, MD, “GABA is a nice glass of wine in front of the fire. GABA is restful sleep. GABA is tranquility and yoga.”
    It’s easy to cultivate a healthy dose of this calming neurotransmitter by traveling no further than the refrigerator. Simply enjoy foods like bioK yogurt, kefir, miso, tempeh, kimchi or sauerkraut and beverages like kefir and kombucha. After all, everyone could use a little GABA boost now and then!!

    Some beneficial bacteria that have taken up residence in the gut will actually increase GABA receptors in the brain. When there are more GABA receptors in the brain, more GABA is being put to good use. This is a good thing, especially since a decrease in GABA receptors has been associated with mood disorders, like chronic depression.
    What do alcohol, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates have in common? They all stimulate the GABA receptors. Which, according to scientists, is exactly what certain beneficial bacteria do. (1)

    I look forward to your reply and anyone else's Input.

  26. Can anyone please respond to my previous post? I'm scared. I still feel nausea, dizziness, and my limbs feel heavy after a week. I don't know what to do. Has anyone had a similar response? What did you do to get through it? I'm waiting on these symptoms to end, but they are not.

  27. Jocelyn, could you please let us know how long shipping takes? Checkout just had the flat rate option, and did not give any delivery time estimations.

  28. I was asked to post to this latest Vlog here – even though it's off topic to this Vlog Entry – so, I apologize to those who wonder, "Why the mis-match of topic & story…?"

  29. I have been on .5 mg Klonopin for 17 yrs and have been slowly tapering over a year. I am down to my second to last step down. I tried a 5mg edible for the first time while traveling where it was legal and had a bad reaction. I felt dizzy, weak, felt like I lost moments of time, my heart rate and blood pressure were up. I went to a local clinic, they gave me something for nausea, took some blood, and stayed with me till I stabilized. It has been two days since then and I still feel a little tired, dizzy, and weak. I feel like the stress of the incident has caused an increase in withdrawal symptoms. I took an additional smidgen of Klonopin and the symptoms eased up some. Do you think the edible is still messing with me after this long, the stress of the incident caused additional symptoms, or maybe something else? I was just curious if you have heard anything similar or have any thoughts on the matter?

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