What A New Congress Means for Marijuana

The Congressman at the forefront of the push for federal weed legalization says this Congress is the most pro-pot ever. Learn more about this story at …


  1. Least harmful drug out there! I’d much rather have my kids smoking weed than drinking! Alcohol makes for poor judgement,and domestic violence! Weed = munchies and relaxation!

  2. Legalize recreational cannabis in all 50 states 21(and older)!!! Support full legalization – it saves lives … it helps depression… and reduces aggression… in a modern day America where we see a major shooting every month, we need this! WE ARE SICK OF THE OLD STIGMAS AROUND POT!!! legalize recreational cannabis so we can move on to bigger issues in the US.

  3. The fact that abt 20 states have legal cannabis already for adults, & the federal gov still won't make it legal just shows how out of touch they are with ppl of america,

  4. Our days of living in ignorance are over. Time for these old farts to leave office with their old biased ideas. Only smart people realize that weed is harmless. I would bet money that all of the politicians that are against weed have never tried it and are only going off of what they have been told. How can you hate something when you know nothing about it? It shows just how close minded they are.

  5. Our laws in this country are outdated and where put in place with lies and propaganda by the U.S. government. Marijuana is a schedule 1 narcotic which is next to the heroin cocain and meth and Marijuana has of no medical value. What a bunch bullshitt and our fucking goverment knows it!! Supposedly to call this the war on drugs??hell no the goverment created a monopoly on Marijuana and has expoited her. Our goverment has also
    pimped her out and demonized her,but I love her dammit and Mary Jane is still a lady and deserves our respect when we get home.

  6. If they legalize it to where I can smoke and keep my job I'm going to be buying $60 worth lol. Itll be my first purchase in almost 10 years.

  7. Please release we the people who use cannabis from the federal prohibition and bad stigma it has gotten

  8. How about we legalize it for active military like Canada did last year. Why continue giving the military fewer rights than citizens

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