Weed set to become legal Jan. 1 in Illinois

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs legislation to make Illinois the nation’s 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana use during a bill signing ceremony at Sankofa …


  1. Moved from LA to Chicago a few years ago and was already a believer in it being the best city in the country. Now even more so. Good job Illinois legislators, this is a win for fucking common sense

  2. Now come up with a drug test for employers that can tell if your under the influence or not at that moment instead of 4 days ago so people can keep their jobs!

  3. You dumbass people fell for it! Fatboy promised legal weed at one hell of a cost to taxpayers, gas to high you say soon?? Dont bitch to me

  4. Chicago Police weighed my 3 ounces with a 25 gram bag making it a FELONY THAT RUINED MY LIFE. Cook County State's Attorney is PUBLIC ENEMY #1

  5. We all know what the lottery was meant for. We'll Illinois now hit the lottery again – a wind fall or shall we say a bailout for the state retirement shortfall.

  6. Non licensed individuals cannot legally grow……it is NOT LEGAL to do so. Just another government fraud.

  7. What garbadge of a speech. The health benefits and medical benefits is why they should legalise it. They had no business criminalising Gods work. WHORE GARBADGE government.

  8. Very well spoken. Now, if other states would recognize the fact that science doesn't change when you cross an imaginary line on a map and legalize it for every state, that sure would help a lot of people

  9. so true no1 is dying from overdoses and a good majority want 2 use so yah power 2 the people freedom of choice

  10. I think this is a good thing but a lot of those arrests were unrelated to marijuana, just ended up being an added charge against them.

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