1. I like that comment down at the bottom Reefer Madness 2.0. Lol
    The remake of Reefer Madness coming soon to a theater near you.Staring Dumb Ass.
    With 93% of the population in this country' in favor of medical cannabis idiots like this are falling by the wayside daily.

  2. @Marty Nemko There is no doubt that cannabis is bad for you. However, legalizing and the decriminalization of cannabis use is nothing but a good thing for society. The problem comes when we as a society just casually starts using it and recommending it.

    I'm a firm believer that unless you have a medical illness that the use of cannabis can help with. You should not be using it at all.

  3. Hola …. We live in Spain and consume varios types (seedless and with seeds) – however not majorly (genetically) modified. Are those types also prone to the problems you speak of?
    The part – lack of concentration sounds complete hoodwink.

  4. Think about it. The only thing more damaging than heavy use of marijuana towards brain function is college, itself.

  5. Thank-you for this video. I am a nurse and just about everyone wants to get their hands on marijuana in some way or form (recreational or medicinal). At the nursing home I work at it is being prescribed more and more. Many people of my generation swear by it as a coping mechanism for when they have depression, anxiety, etc. I think marijuana shows people the path of least resistance, but as you mentioned it comes with a cost. There are other alternatives to dealing with mental health problems, ones that can avoid some of the dangers or marijuana. Thanks again!

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