WEED is HEALTHIER than ALCOHOL & COFFEE | CANNABIS & Health 101 | BeerBiceps

Happy Holi you guys! After many of you requested this particular video, I had to make it. Today’s topic is all about Bhang or weed or cannabis or marijuana. Yes …


  1. Bro listen I want to tell you something..
    You just open my eyes..
    You really helped me by this video..
    BTW love from WB..🥰

  2. At the start of video: nope ain't gonna smoke tht shit again
    Towards the end: hell yea,smoke weed everyday.

  3. Tetra hydro cannabinol and cannabinol are the two major compound. And cannabinol is used as pain relifer.

  4. You are only saying that don't drink alcohol smoke weed. Instead of this you should have told this that ' alcohol and weed is bad…. There are some good effects but only for just few good effects you can't say it is good because ratio of bad effects are more than good… So don't promote such things

  5. If you are consuming weed just for stree relief, pain killer,than we have talk with close one or constellation for stree relief and mental pain …….Weed is a addictive drug and any addictive drug will not show bad effects on the spot it is long term damage and you have to accept it 'beerbiceps'. There are alots of kids, youngsters, adults watching you so please don't post such contain.

  6. If marijuana is anti depressant and pain killer…. It must be only used as anti depressant and pain killer….. It should not be used regularly just to feel high.

  7. i just wanna ask where to buy this substance… everybody makes video on pros and cons but also make a video on ho and where to buy it…

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