1. Kura eakdam sahi ho sir ,Ganja ley Nepal 10×speed ma Nepal mo Arthik sroth baliyo garna sakincha . Rocc khayera crime garni lai mafi ,ganja khani lai jail yo ta vayea na ni . Mr.Katiwad ji,yo avhiyan sampana garna k garnu parney hami nepali milayera,milyra aaghi badum.

  2. यस्ले औसधि को काम गर्छ … उहाँ को भनाई सहि छ

  3. Legalization weed will boost the economy of nepal. With no doubt it should be legall in nepal

  4. Thank you but no thank you 🙏….we are laughing from uk haha USA Canada Thailand blah blah blah legal baye pani money industry ma Jane ho….not the people….okay suppose or by chance people’s going to earn money or get money but why we have to be with government or ask permission to government

  5. Legalization of weed in Nepal can create a huge economical change and reduce drug addiction for sure

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