1. i would fucking grow my own medicine so my child could live enought children died because doctors didnt want to treat them wiith the right medicine because now doctors dont try to heal u they try to sell u a drug thet u will buy for the rest of ur live. I think everyone should have chance to treat ur symptoms in the correct way but unfurtunetly its not Available for normal ppl

  2. The plant is already perfect, naturally cultivate the plant to treat the ailments it can. Enough with this gmo crap!

  3. Extracting concentrates appeals mainly to the hypochondriac in us who desires "pills and medicine". Whole plant material is best just eaten as is, or mixed into other food.

  4. Through this whole documentary the USA fights hard to their rights to bare arms which kills hundreds of kids and adults a year yet CBD Marijuana they are scared to allow parents to try see if it really works on certain problems and diseases in a child through to adult. I'm all for CBD Cannabis and I'm in Australia where all Marijuana is illegal and until the USA approves the use Australia is frozen in time.

  5. Thankfully since the 2018 farm bill was passed, interstate commerce has been greatly relaxed on strains such as charlotte's web. I order hemp flower and trim from a nevada company, cbdhemp.direct , some of their product which is grown right here in Pennsylvania. Not legal in all 50 states yet, but very close to it.

  6. Speaking about REAL DAMAGED BRAINS, and they give children, students "Adhd"fake non existing disease SPEED AND CRACK COCAINE FAMILY Concerta! ! Those rot your brain. Even when you are adult.

  7. One of thw worst countrjes imhave been where its corrupted to the core even cbd is, Scandinavian country called " Finland" looks good and aouns good but i lived there. Few years and it's so corrupted like loser way, and propaganda bulls**t and psychiatric drugs pillmills and non opioids for patients, and So high and high suicide rates, because psychiatric ("antidepressants ") ssri,snri suicide massacre bullsh**…!
    CBD IS MEDICINE AND Full plant too.!!100% proven. But they don't wanna stopmthe toxic poison psychnand orher harmfully awful! Damaging drugs and suicixe causing drugs,

    And pain patients commit euthanasia, but they don't wanna make people know so they won't go at "suicide by UNHUMAN refused helping pain persons" and orhers wirhour any disease , take adhd bs stimulant narcotic drugs =loser speed. And Ssri,snri lithium etc 90%+ Responsible for suicide… STOP IDOLIZING FINLAND ITS SO BAD! And racist roo, so if younare black prepare to passive agressive Racism in Finland
    (modern day year 2008 – STARTING topping at 2015-present)

  8. I'm sorry but this "fake news" is shitting all over cannabis!
    Cannabis is a beautiful plant and should be freely grown and leagal

  9. WTF why would they crucify those parents like that man like they ain't going through enough already for flipsake man this made me MADD cos governments know why weed was stopped being grown and it was all to do with petrol and what can be made from it's ingredients ie plastic pharmaceutical etc etc instead of it being made out of weed which it can with no pollution and no long term effects to the environment but nope the petrol won due to it's evil sellers giving the rite people backhanders and so they made weed a monster and petrol the saviour instead of the other way around and weed being king etc did you know that you can make anything from weed ? From car tyres that last twice as long to car bodies that are stronger than steel to medicine for humans which it has been for millions of years so the government stopping weed smoking etc when they know everything about weed was made up and a lie is just sickening but their lies are slowly but surely crumbling down as will every governments lying regimes THE END…

  10. Holocaust survivor bwahahaha my chest hurts I can breath 🤣 what about the so-called black and brown genocide of over 260,000,000 Hebrew Israelites throughout the America’s since Columbus?!

  11. Grow your own medicine at home and cultivate the most potent, smooth cannabis you can.

  12. skip to 27:20 " a huge stash of marijuana is stored here under lock and key" but lol that looked so fucking low grade, like lawn clippings… then lies about 36% THC lol that's a bit higher than the world record, bub! lol

  13. Loads of High CBD low THC (1:1) strains !! CBDurban, Harlequin CBD, CBD ChemDawg
    All of the CBD Crew's strains & The Joint Doctors genetics !! So what's new ?? Dinafem
    Green House Seeds, Dutch Passion, Barney's Farm, Growers Choice etc. all do a CBD !!

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