walking around Gaborone CBD. This place is very different

walking around Gaborone CBD. This place is very different some day walking around Gaborone The One Video chat. MAKE MONEY $$$ with your phone.


  1. I would have liked to see the inside of the place where you were staying. but thank you for uploading I enjoyed seeing the city

  2. Whoever designed this city, needed to be flogged, because I can't believe a group of people with brains would get together and came up with this convoluted concept…..🤔

  3. Am from Kenya but damn where are the people in that city ??😂I know Botswana has a really small population but I never thought its that serious anyway would really love to visit this beautiful country in our lovely continent

  4. African Americans must come salad in Namibia, Equatorial Guinea and Botswana because, these countries are ))))), they have little population two and three million.

  5. Seen all the 3 Botswana tubes… You passed through lots of landmarks and history; just lacked a guide. Holla at the brother for guidance next time.✌️

  6. You missed two night clubs in Itowers at CBD as seen from your last vlog. Chez Nichola and Sky lounge

  7. My favourite country in the region, Batswana be proud of yourself and forget about negative comments on YouTube… I live in Botswana for 4 good yrs , studying my degree programme . It's more beautiful than you guys see on video. Batswana , "United and Proud "✊

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