Walgreens To Start Selling CBD Products: What To Know | TODAY

Walgreens joins CVS to start selling hemp-based CBD products. NBC medical correspondent Dr. John Torres joins TODAY to discuss what this could mean for …


  1. lol,,,,,,does nothing for chronic pain… it's new gold rush of our era.cash only..plus if people really understood how easy it is to grow and then extract.foools do get a cbd high.its not like the munchies stone high.but it does relax most if u never smoked cannabis.i

  2. The real problem is that CBD has the potencial to cut into the profits of "Big Pharma" and this (through their shills in the media)is a part of Big Pharma to restrict its use until they can control it and boost its price many thousands of percent.

  3. If you read the book of Enoch,or see the video of it on youtube,you find out,the fallen angels were cross breeding with human and they cross bred animals and plants,too.Cannibis was not created by God,it was created by Satan.Tis a gateway to demonic possession.

  4. I suffer from high anxiety i smoke legion, blooming farms all organic vape cartridges low thc! It has help me out alot! So sme research before getting your cbd product! Flow kana also has gokd cbd flowers!

  5. Doctors arent qualified to comment on cannabis. It fixes what they cant making it a conflict of intrest. Their not going to endorse a product that cuts their bottom line. No way around it. Their agenda now is to remove any working remedy for pain and anxiety. I'm proof of this.

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  7. We really don't know much about it, these people are a bit out of touch. http://www.ProjectCBD.org/guidance/conditions
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  8. We know nothing about it other than the fact that it doesn't like cancer, not even a little bit. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321609.php

    Clothing, paper, ships' sails, ropes, and shoes have all been made from hemp.

    However, for a complex web of reasons, it fell out of favor during the 20th century.

    But today, hemp is enjoying somewhat of a Renaissance, and, according to a new raft of studies, it might one day play a role in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

    In particular, the laboratory of Wasana Sumanasekera — located at the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy in Louisville, KY — is currently a hotbed of research into hemp's potential ability to fight cancer.

  9. Worked for my back. Took a month of 20mg daily from a good supplier, cbd unlimited. Results vary by individual but worth a shot for anyone who is on chronic meds.

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    Our CBD is full spectrum, certified by third-party labs, and made with American-grown organic hemp.

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  11. If CBD works for women with cramps, people with multiple sclerosis and arthritis, and children with epilepsy; then it SHOULD work for general pain…i think i'll take my chances and buy it for my chronic pain!!

  12. Because I now have chronic arthritis symptoms every where my doctor👩‍🔬 suggested I look into using CBD oil or Marijuana cream instead of pain pills 💊 and or steroid shots.👍🏻👍🏻🥰😃

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