1. Melissa loved your work look today.. I also like how you are going through your jewelry to see what works for you.. I need to try that with my clothes and jewelry.. I’ve already incorporated that with the perfume based on your vlogs… I want to use through things and only get a signature scent from now on.. great vid!! Houston Hugs❤️❤️

  2. I love when Andres blogs. You guys remind me of my hubby and me except I’m more camera shy and my hubby would be the Melissa lol. Love watching your family so much. The girls are so funny, love when they tell about what they are eating.

  3. Melissa I love how close your family is and how involved they are in helping you with the kids.

  4. Melissa, I have to say I just love this green floral top! It looked so good with the jewelry you paired it with and your bun 😀

  5. Andres and your mom did a great job vlogging for us! Thank you! It makes me so happy to see that Andres is warming up to us more and more and feeling more comfortable talking on the vlogs! He did an awesome job cleaning the kitchen and with the girls- what a great hubby! 🌟

  6. Altought you said your tired you look like your glowing I really like your hair like that. The keto oh sorry low calorie diet is doing you wonders xx

  7. Hi Melissa. I meant to ask when you this when you showed it in a vlog a few days ago. How does Andres prepare the Mexican cauliflower rice? Is it the same way as standard Mexican rice? I’d love to try it. My boyfriend loves Mexican rice with almost every meal and I’m growing tired of it. I want to mix it up a bit and bought a bag of the cauliflower rice but it’s been sitting in the freezer for a few days now because I’m at a loss of how to prepare it in a way my picky boyfriend won’t make stank face about it. Lol.

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