Today we visit the UK’s FIRST LEGAL DISPENSARY! I’m so glad they let me come by! We’re at a crucial turning point right now in the UK with legalisation …


  1. Unfortunately, the flowers and leaves are not legal in the uk to sell or use, no matter what the companies tell you. It is the stems and seeds that are legal to use in CBD products. Also changes in EU rulings over cbd moving from a "novel" supplement to a medicine will have a big effect on the industry if it goes through. Even after Brexit these laws will still come into force in the UK due to us keeping the EU laws at first. It will take a long while to get us out of stupid EU laws. These so called legal places and shops will close down as quick as they open once they realise or are reminded of the laws in the UK.

  2. It's a step forward! Still need to legalize thc and home growing for personal use though.. There's one of these shops down near me but to be honest id rather spend money for thc, might try it though mix it in with some ammy haze 🤔

  3. that's the stuff they spray with a tiny amount of synthetic THC sold in Manchester Piccadilly gardens. The growers grow it really quickly, with no smell, then spray a tiny amount of synthetic THC into it, dry and sell as weed. if they only use tiny amounts of synth not enough to zombie you, no one realises. It's gansta pot, sold in Manchester centre, mellow hit and dirt cheap.

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  5. i got a question bro, ive seen a lot on how it’s legal but i’ve seen a few posts saying it still illegal, for instance if you get caught by the police with cbd apparently you can still get charged

  6. I sure hope UK can be the next country to make the the change to legalization. Me living in Colorado in the states, I want all to have the experience and normality of Cannabis. (With THC 😉)

  7. Hey Drew, would smoking a joint or two of cbd bud a week cause me to fail a drug test for THC?

  8. This guy is sooo full of shjit his eyes are turning brown.. weed without thc is like beer with no alcohol. I fkn hate liars. Garbage. Are you taking a piss

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