1. Trump has been debating enacting legislation bought in by Clinton to give death penalty for all drugs. It includes growing quarter of an acre of cannabis – a slippery slope. Democracy is open to abuse, for honest capitalism countries need constitutional republics &honest politics

  2. So you're saying this hasn't happened here in MA? Because we have a "clinic" down the street where you can get a card if you stub your toe, it's been here for a while. I'm down 91 in Western MA. The reason why this (legalizing and commercializing weed) is happening while they are hyping an "opioid crisis" at the same time is because they're trying to steer all chronic pain patients etc. toward pot which isn't covered by insuarance and you have to pay out of pocket for. They are making millions of dollars off weed! And yeah, a country stoned, dumbed down and passive from weed is their dream come true.

  3. Styx what ever you say.. I ride motorcycle to work every day. And almost every day smell shit coming out of the cars on the crossroads. Cops are too busy to deal with this, so I'm taking my chances – If I'm lucky perhaps nobody will hit me with the car.. fuck1ng stoned car drivers. I don’t give flying … if you wish to grill your brain up that is fine with me, but don't take it in the streets. Nobody will "smoke responsibly" – or they smoke or that do not.

  4. It should all be legal, the war on drugs just adds another costly layer of misery for addicts and taxpayers, prosecute people for real crimes instead

  5. My two main problems with marijuana are
    1) long term use seems to decrease the IQ of the user and inhibit cognitive abilities. I'd like to see some serious studies on long-term usage and what effects it has the nervous system the Brain.
    2) I'm allergic to the stuff.
    The pollen to be precise.
    And whenever it's burned the pollen is released into the air so…f$!#@ no, I'm against the legalization of it for recreational use.
    Absolutely fine with medical use but again don't smoke it around me.
    I'd prefer they'd use edibles or as pills personally.
    I know too many bud heads who don't do anything else but look for their next bud ( plus they're always covered in the pollen so…yeah).

    I am for decriminalization.
    At most a misdemeanor but more like a finable offense like a parking or speeding tickets.

  6. Jeff Sessions & trump both lied saying that they would not interfere with states rights over this. Cole Gardener republican from Colorado asked them why they changed their position on the floor of congress. Their SILENCE is deafening

  7. 1:54 Marijuana gives you panic attack because the quality has decreased through the general emphasis on high THC yield whereas in order to be healthier brain chemistry it needs an equal proportion of cannabinoids to close down the more "harmful" receptors that are unlocked by THC.

  8. NOOOOOO if you legalize weed it will cost the government millions! The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives will have to incorporate weed or drugs into their name. They will have to have an 8 year research phase and buying all of those new signs and changing all of the letterhead and do you know how much uniforms cost to make? Each one of these will cost tens of millions! It might even bankrupt the BATFE! What would we do without them? We cannot afford to legalize marijuana.

  9. At my Aunt's funeral Wednesday, my cousin stood up and told how when he was five; his friends were pretending to smoke. My aunt saw them, got one of my Uncle's cigarettes and took it out to my cousin. She was helpful, lit it for him, then told him to suck in like it was a soda straw. My cousin concluded that he never smoked again.
    What was funny was is brother later said that his mom had done the exact came thing to him when he was about that age.

  10. I injected a marijuanas cigarette joint once and next thing i knew i woke up in a bathtub with no kidney sucking dick for meth money behind an arbys whilst getting a sex change.

  11. I've smoked weed on and off for 34 years, never did me any harm. However, I didn't start until my brain was fully developed. There is growing evidence that it has an adverse effect later in life when juveniles regularly smoke it. In my opinion, it's a good law that prohibits consumption under the age of 21 where there's potential medical repercussions. After that, you've got maybe 60+ years to get high so what's the hurry?
    Here in the UK it's still fucking illegal everywhere, but they don't jail people unless they supply large amounts to others.

  12. Newsflash, gay marriage was not illegal on the Federal level, it was state and local laws… but Weed is currently illegal on the Federal level… so yeah, GOOD LUCK, not a chance.

  13. The fact that marijuana is illegal on a federal government level which supersedes any state law is flawed. Let us suppose that every state in the US legalized marijuana. The feds could still pick and choose anyone they wanted to arrest for no specific reason.

  14. The sound quality is not as good in your new location. Sounds like you are in a closet. Quite annoying.

  15. Hey Styx- you were probably smoking smoke really strong sativas if you were getting panic attacks. The problem with the black market is you can't choose what you get. You would probably be fine with a heavy indica.

  16. Good for you kicking that stuff… I'm like you on that… let those who are ok with it… do it.. and there is no need to lock people up for smoking weed.

  17. The alt-right is really off-base when it comes to their stance on cannabis. The war on drugs is one of the biggest offenders for civil unrest and distrust for authority figures. More freedom = more peace.

  18. Too bad they don't understand all the real medical dangers and consequences of marijuana use… I'll start from the top on the first… When breast feeding the baby gets seven times as much THC in the breast milk. Now you're talking about an infant that has developed absolutely no self defense mechanisms yet… 😐

  19. Legislative action opening the door for more drug related crimes in Vermont such as illegal black market sales, cultivation and inebriation on our highways, work places and schools. And putting public safty and health at risk by turning loose a prefrontal cortex damaging Neuro toxin "marijuana" out to the general public for some governmental monetary gain. Great job there liberal demtards. As if we don't have enough drug related problems already, Lets just add some more.

  20. Scientists discovered that shrooms can actually grow new brain cells; STEM brain cells! They first tried with rats and then humans. Shrooms can not only give you a deep spiritual experience but helps your concentration and improves intelligence. It's really good for healing brain trauma and concussion and Alzheimer's. Since it's always injested it's healthier even than marijuana. Except for some cases most shrooms require you to eat more than your own body weight in dried shrooms to overdose. Let's see you eat your own body weight worth of anything.

  21. I agree marijuana should be legal for adults, but teenagers should absolutely not be encouraged to use it. You should smack it out of their hand just as fast as you would a cigarette, if not even faster. There are multiple studies that point to marijuana use having a negative permanent impact on the developing teenage brain.

    Also, there is logic to alcohol and marijuana being prohibited until age 21 vs. tobacco at 18. Beyond addiction, tobacco does not cause considerable mental or physical impairment the way alcohol and marijuana do.

  22. The drug war is anything but conservative. There were no drug laws in the 1800's, free America. The drug war is progressive, nanny state bull shit.

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