VeedVerks Sponsors NASCAR – CBD & Addition – Price of CBD – Cannabis News May 22, 2019

VeedVerks Sponsors NASCAR – Other Cannabinoids – CBD & Addition – Cannabis News May 22, 2019 Travis from VeedVerks talks about THCv, CBN, and …


  1. Travis, given my wife and I's history with addiction, send them my way next time if they would like to hear how cannabis Sativa L., AS A WHOLE PLANT, and as cannabinoids are isolated or extracted can help with addiction tendencies and rehabilitation. I can talk about that all day long.

    @KQCC-Kind, Quality, Caring Consulting and Distribution

    Cannabis Realization for Addiction Rehabilitation.

  2. NASCAR fans are some of the drunkest fucks on earth at the races, and many if not most love bud too. Those shirts better be hemp lol

  3. I'll watch this later. Tom, with Memorial Day coming, You should really do an episode on Veterans and the Veteran Suicide epidemic and how Schedule 1 drug descheduling is very important in saving the lives of our American Heros.

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