1. Were you seizure free with the brand names?

    The highest amount of keppra I was on was 5k!
    That was hell and the day they sent generic I was aura bar shit crazy it scared me. after I thought I would never let that happen again. So I weaned off keppra and am doing a million times better however I still get gran mals.
    Then by default I was doing lamictal only.
    Then added some diamox and only took cbd capsules for emergencies.
    Later I was having an emergency and took cbd I must of had a seizure in slow motion I can say cbd works in some ways at least.
    This last week been smoking cbd eating cbd swallowing cbd and have been seizure free. Plus I also lowered diamox as well I plan to someday get off lamictal but the weed sure is doing its job.

  2. the charlottes web cbd for me I felt like it caused some simple partial … when i was driving which never happens for some reason.. so idk if hopefully a diff cbd can work… but I dont trust it now

  3. Do some research on caffeinated drinks and chocolate Foods. There are known to cause seizures in people that have epilepsy from what I hear a doctor told me that.

  4. Michelle; I really wish you would watch my video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UfsKezhSoY&t=695s to learn about CTFO's 10xPure with CBD-A. Although it is a video about the Compensation Plan, there is also information there that you and EVERYONE should be aware of, just click the 'show more' button. I really hope you will 'ditch' the CW and start taking a 'Higher Quality' CBD Oil at a lower price! With your talent for making videos and being so likeable, in just a few short months I'm sure you'll not only be much Healthier, but much Wealthier as well. Join Me, so we can talk!

  5. Thank you. As people said, please dont give up on CBD. Apparently it takes a while to dial it in. My mother of 71 seems to be just starting this petit mal seizure stuff and I am worried. Im just trying to learn where I can cause doctors dont seem to be too receptive to holistic meds. I think that viewing your journey would be helpful to not just me but plenty of others in similar situations I am sure.Thanks again!! 🍄✌🍄✌🍄

  6. Thank you so much for the update! Since the last time I watched your video I have my mom taking cbd oil that she made at home. She did see some improvement and a reduction of seizures. Please continue to keep us updated. My wish is that everyone can be seizure free without medication by using a natural alternative.

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