UPDATE: Lincoln's CBD/KETO + Penelope's Recovery

With so much going on in our family, we wanted to just do a sit-down update on the state of Stephen’s legs, where we are with CBD treatments for Lincoln’s …


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  2. You guys so cool..loving family and connection among them is so intresting…always be blessed..get well soon little angel make your parents happy

  3. Just bought a shirt!! So blessed to know you and watch your videos! Y’all are all so inspiring.

  4. I would love to buy a shirt but i am in mexico city idk if you guys are sending outside of the US

  5. That is exciting news that the CBD oil had such a profound effect on him! My grandson is 2 yrs 1 month and is speech delayed but I told my daughter about the CBD oil approach and she is open to it depending on how well he does with speech therapy! Tks for this update! So happy for Little Lincoln!

  6. I had reconstructed jaw surgery and had my mouth wired shut for 8 weeks. The first time I had my wires off I am a true Chicagoan. I wanted a Hot Dog from Gene and Judes in River Grove, IL. Tell her that I can eat everything even bubble gum if I wanted.

  7. You are a dad having fun and a connection with his child. Please don't let others bring you and your family down!

  8. Dont understand the shirt size, for 170cm man, what kind of size shall be selected?

  9. I once saw a specialist say you can’t put sausage and egg in a pill,that Is an amazing diet full fat magic.

  10. I just can’t see why people think you did it for the views. OMG! You guys are humble and just true and like you said, “you did it for the kids”. Love you guys and best wishes.

  11. I will buy a t-shirt. Looking forward to hearing about the upcoming trip. Can’t wait for the China vlog!!!!!
    Love you guys💕💕💕

  12. I’d buy the shirts to support you guys & your trip to China. 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Thanks soo much for the update on two of your beautiful children. Watching Lincoln’s progress in walking made me so emotional, so much wonderful progress for him. So excited for Penelope! She is such a sweet, trusting soul. I am always excited to see what’s coming up next for your family so thanks for sharing your lives with us! ❤️

  14. So happy that Lincoln is doing much better. Maybe if you make a design that is about Penelope’s trip to China I think it will be cool. Just a thought. That way people will feel a little more connected with the cause. God bless!!

  15. Hey, this kitchen aid machine could help you with the diet. It is an easy way of cooking recipes wich need to be on a surety weight or for a diet. I saw they also have a KETO book: https://thermomix.com/recipes/ Greetings from Germany 🙂

  16. Shirts are a great idea plus stickers. Also set up a Patreon
    account. Your family should
    surely be on the way to China
    then. After all your videos are
    highly enjoyable. All the best
    for this venture.

  17. Have you thought of a patreon or a go fund me??? My husband is not big on me buying tee shirts but would be willing to let me donate some funds

  18. Família linda, muito amor e afeto transbordando nos sorrisos de todos, Deus abençoe todos vocês!!!!❤💋

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